Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Lovely new review for HOLLY'S INTUITION

Delighted to see this new review for HOLLY'S INTUITION from Lucy Felthouse at Erotica For All and Blog Critics. HOLLY'S INTUITION is the second in a series of three, and it's always a worry that the books stand up against each other. In the reader comments at Good Reads, many readers are stating which their favourite (of the first two) was and why, which is always *really* useful feedback for an author. Anyway, here's a snippet from Lucy Felthouse:

Wow — this is one hot book! Holly's Intuition is the perfect mix of sexiness, character development and plot. I loved all three main characters and enjoyed how the story progressed. Sadly, it had to end, but I'm definitely living in hope that Ms. Walker will revisit these three at some point in the future! A brilliant read and one I'd recommend to erotica fans, particularly if you like m/m/f threesome tales. Read more



Savannah Chase said...

Adding my congrats...you so deserve it...

Saskia Walker said...

Thank you! :)