Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A new read from Portia Da Costa

Congratulations to my pal, Portia Da Costa, on a new publication today! This one is a very special erotic paranormal novella entitled A TOUCH OF HEAVEN. It's a superb novella-length read, so go treat yourself! Here's the summary:

Pleasure with a perfect stranger can be divine

When Miranda Clay first sets eyes on her neighbors’ temporary house-sitter she gets a delicious, erotic treat that she hadn’t bargained for - mysterious Patrick likes to sunbathe without his clothes on! Mesmerizing and golden, her new friend is more than just a handsome face and a perfect male body though, and his healing hands and his uncanny natural empathy quickly dispel Miranda’s aches and pains and her fears of growing older. But as the pair are drawn ever closer, and their physical intimacy becomes transcendent, a stunning revelation and an agonizing choice threaten to part them even while a lasting love blossoms.
Go here for an excerpt and buy links.

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