Wednesday, July 31, 2019

ANNABEL ~ the inquisition of a Scottish witch (free read!)

ANNABEL is a free read, a paranormal historical novelette, a witchcraft taster story for my Witches of Scotland books and a great way to sample the series.  Enjoy! (and tell all your friends ;) )

ANNABEL ~ the inquisition of a Scottish witch
The year is 1705.
My name is Annabel McGraw, and I am gifted with witchcraft­. Here in Scotland the fear of persecution still runs rampant, and I seek a place to hide. My treacherous journey led me to Carbrey, a sleepy fishing hamlet on the coast of Fife. I sought a safe haven, perhaps a man to love. But the locals grew suspicious, and an inquisitor has been sent…
 This short story is meant as an introduction to the author’s Witches of Scotland series. It can, however, be read as a stand-alone story. Please note: this story contains scenes of explicit sexuality.
Cover design: Daqri Bernardo at Covers by Combs


Monday, June 18, 2018


I'm delighted to announce the Italian version of THE HARLOT is out today in digital and print. For those Italian readers out there, you'll find it on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, and Nook. In print from Amazon and B&N. 😊😍

Scozia, 1715. 

Dopo aver fatto fortuna per mare, Gregor Ramsay torna in patria con un unico proposito: vendicare il padre e distruggere Ivor Wallace, lo spietato possidente che l'ha mandato in rovina spingendolo al suicidio. Per ottenere il suo scopo Gregor decide di reclutare la famigerata Jessica Taskill, ovvero la Sgualdrina di Dunde, bella e sensuale prostituta rinchiusa in prigione per stregoneria. Dopo averla fatta evadere con l'inganno Gregor le propone d'infiltrarsi in casa di Wallace per sedurlo e spiarne i movimenti, in cambio di una cospicua somma di denaro. Tuttavia, quello che all'inizio sembra un semplice accordo fra due avventurieri senza scrupoli si rivela ben presto qualcosa di piΓΉ profondo. Negando con forza la travolgente passione che li lega, Gregor e Jessica si dedicano anima e corpo al complotto contro Wallace; ma neppure le arti magiche della donna potranno proteggerli dalla crudeltΓ  del nemico e soprattutto dall'insidia dei sensi.

Sunday, May 06, 2018

Working in the summerhouse

I'm writing in the summerhouse today, enjoying my special creative space. It feels removed from the world somehow, private, cut off, and yet lots of light and birdsong to inspire. Meanwhile I had one cat at my feet and one guarding the doors. Author cats know their duty  

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Cover reveal!

Coming very soon: ANNABEL~ the inquisition of a lusty witch, with gorgeous cover art by Daqri Bernardo at Covers by Combs. 

This novelette-length story was previously a Harlequin online read and the revised version is due out soon. It’s meant as a taster/teaser for my Witches of Scotland series books and as such it’ll be a free read. 

For those readers who’ve read RAMPANT WITCHCRAFT this is a prequel to that story, and you’ll learn more about Annabel McGraw, the ghost-witch from that novel.  I’ll post again when it’s online to download!

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Time to get your kinky on...! πŸ˜‰

Time to get your kinky on...! πŸ˜‰

Masterful men and their willing submissives... What does it take to create the ideal Dom/sub relationship? Women's fiction author Saskia Walker explores the myriad moods, emotions and encounters that triggerpower play in this series of raunchy BDSM novellas...

These stories are about meeting your sexy match, grasping life with both hands, and enjoying the wildest of rides. From ritualized and fetishistic pairings to spontaneous role playing, these are couples who click into place like the perfect set of handcuffs--offering one another the key to their desire with a willing hand--whether it be as a part of deeply romantic commitment, or the discovery of an exciting new sensual preference.

Running Wild
Mastering Meg
Ritual : shibari
Caught in the Act
Strangers in the Night
Hot on her Tail
The Cage

MASTERS AT MIDNIGHT is now available at all the usual suspect digi retailers..:} and in print from Amazon and B&N.  If you pick it up, I hope you enjOy!! X

Friday, March 23, 2018

Books in the pipeline..

UPS called by today with a delivery of proofs! Aren’t they gorgeous? DRACO, Coded For Love series,  (coming soon) a Finnish Translation of THE HARLOT, and the MASTERS AT MIDNIGHT collection (BDSM novellas). All three covers designed by Daqri Bernardo at Covers by Combs, 3 different sub-genres together! I’m very excited to see them looking so good. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Are you ready to be SEDUCED? :)

It's publication day for SEDUCED, my latest anthology of short fiction. This collection features erotic shorties with a romantic slant. The sexy and seductive cover for this one is by Envy Designs (who also designed my cute Facebook/twitter banner smooch )
The stories have previously been published in other anthologies and are brought together for the first time in SEDUCED.  SEDUCED is available in digi download only (at the present time) from all the usual suspects  Here’s the Blurb:
“A collection of steamy short stories to rouse your senses and quicken your heartbeat! Combining explicit storytelling with heartfelt romance, women's fiction author Saskia Walker’s latest collection is perfect to dip into for a steamy and romantic read at bedtime, or a naughty lunch break treat.”

Friday, March 02, 2018


I’m thrilled to share this beautiful noir-esque cover for my MASTERS AT MIDNIGHT collection, due out 3rd April. 
Daqri Bernardo – cover artist extraordinaire - has rebranded several of my BDSM erotic romance novellas, and this anthology cover is the icing on the cake! I absolutely adore the subtlety, elegance and glamour of it, it’s perfect.
The collection is available on preorder at all the usual suspects and will be out in print at the start of April. The idea is the anthology will be a lot cheaper for readers than buying the individual novellas, so it’s a good way for fans of kinkier ER to see what this author has got to offer.  When this one comes out it’ll be the 4th anthology of my previously published shorter work. (No one is more astonished than me! lol!) 
Here’s the blurb:

Masterful men and their willing submissives…
What does it take to create the ideal Dom/sub relationship? Women’s fiction author Saskia Walker explores the myriad moods, emotions and encounters that trigger power play in this series of raunchy BDSM novellas.
These stories are about meeting your sexy match, grasping life with both hands, and enjoying the wildest of rides. From ritualized and fetishistic pairings to spontaneous role playing, these are couples who click into place like the perfect set of handcuffs—offering one another the key to their desire with a willing hand—whether it be as a part of deeply romantic commitment, or the discovery of an exciting new sensual preference.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Jezebel has arrived! :)

It may be snowmageddon but the valiant UPS delivery man made it through with this little beauty! I’m so pleased with the way it turned out. :D Tomorrow is publication day for The Jezebel. :)


I don’t think I’ll be sitting out on my swing seat today! πŸ˜€We’re under a blanket of snow here in Yorkshire, and our cats are very confused. The daft cat is trying to chase it. The clever cat is trying to find the warmest place in the house to bed down. πŸ˜Š

Its two weeks today since I had surgery, which means the two weeks of “complete rest” is finally at an end. Yay! I’ve been a bit naughty and done a few odd things. You may have seen me popping up on Twitter if you’re over there. It’s difficult to disengage completely, but I’ve mostly been good. I’m supposed to “rest” for another six weeks while things take their course, but I’m allowed to use the keyboard more now, thank goodness. I’m working on book 3 of the Coded for Love series and I’ve also got a short story in the works. I’ll be trying to decipher the barely legible notes I made over the last couple of weeks...🀨🀣

Meanwhile tomorrow is reissue day for The Jezebel (Witches of Scotland series). Which means it’s last chance to get this one at the preorder price of 99c/p or equivalent. Price will go up soon. Available at all usual suspects.  If you’re snowbound too, keep warm and stay safe! Have a great day! 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Published today - THE CAGE

Psst, this one is out today! Available through the usual suspects  The Cage is a quickie sexy read... a perfect bedtime read.. ? πŸ˜‰ 

I should also mention it's a reissue of a reverted rights title. You’ve been warned.  First published by Harlequin Spice Briefs under the title “Going Down” it's now under my preferred title.  If you haven’t read it before and pick it up (99c/p) I hope you enjoy! 

Totally in love with this cover.. sigh.. thanks to Daqri Bernardo at Covers by Combs!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day! πŸ’—

I hope your Valentine's Day is filled with love laughter and romance!  πŸ’—

Need a date? RORY is available to be with you on Valentine’s Day!😊And if you get in quick you can still snag your copy of this steamy New Adult romance for 0.99 c/p or equivalent. Read on for an excerpt! 

A chance encounter on the London Underground brings Sky Vaughn face to face with her stepbrother, Rory Rattigan, the guy she had a passionate teen crush on back home in Wales. Sky’s vowed to stay out of trouble. She’s already been thrown out of one college and she’s desperate for a second chance to study art in London—but she never could resist sparring with Rory Rattigan.

Rory is trying to break with his computer hacker past. His sexy stepsister turns up just when he needs to hide his hacker kit, and she’s more than willing to help him out. But Rory soon realizes the desire he’s always had for Sky is going to complicate his plans to play life by the rules. He left home because he couldn’t have her, and now here she is.
The chemistry between Rory and Sky is about to change their lives forever—because trouble and danger can’t keep them apart, and they attract both, in spades.

“Come on,” Sky whispered, once the door clicked shut behind them. Thrilled to bits, she congratulated herself. Rory was quickly learning she wasn’t 'kiddo' any more. The hallway light flickered on. They had ninety seconds to get up the stairs to her door before it went off again. “My apartment is up one flight.”
Rory stopped where he was and shook his head. “I’ll escort you to the door, you give me my kit, end of.”
“Wait, what? You’re setting out rules for how this will proceed?”
His eyes glittered in the faint hallway light. “Yes, because you want me.”
Instantly annoyed by his self confidence, she faked a laugh. “And you look horny as hell, what’s your problem?”
He locked one hand around her wrist, and stared down into her eyes. His hand was strong and he held her wrist tightly. It felt good, it felt right. She wanted more.
She used the opportunity to snatch her keys back off him, and toyed with them in her free hand, rattling them under his chin while giving him a come-on look. “Let’s get cozy.”
His eyes narrowed. “I’m not going to fuck you, Sky.”
Shocked by his blatant words, she stared at him.
“You know why I came here,” he stated. “Now give me my kit.”
“You say you’re not going to fuck me, but you’re clearly thinking about sex.”
 “No, you are.” His eyes blazed at her.
His knowing look annoyed her immensely and she reacted—pushing him with the flat of her hands. It was an instinctive action, but the way he flashed his eyes at her made her realize what she’d done. Her hands were on his chest and she was up against him, while he had his back against the wall, starting at her accusingly.
She tried to drag her hands from the sleek tautness of his chest muscles under the tight T-shirt he wore. She itched to pull up the T-shirt and stroke his hard body. An ache in the pit of her belly was demanding attention. Pressing closer, she felt his hard thigh against her hip. She rested her free hand on his belt buckle.
Groaning, he shook his head. “Don’t start something you can’t finish.”
“What makes you think I can’t... finish it?” Rolling her hips against him, she hoped it sounded like she was in control of herself. She meant it to.
There was a determined set to his mouth, like he was fighting some inner battle. “You’re being a prick tease, lay off.”
Withdrawing her hand, she cursed under her breath, annoyed. He was saying no, and the heat of her desire threatened to make her beg. She couldn’t let him know he affected her that way, not if he was going to get her all hot and bothered then bail out. She began to turn away from him, moving toward the stairs.
He reached out and grabbed her wrist, holding her. “Sky.” His tone was commanding. “I didn’t mean it as an insult. I know it probably sounded that way.”
“Whatever.” She tried to tug her hand from his grasp, but he held tight.
His sharp masculine scent was already chasing itself inside her body, seducing her even more. She gave a dismissive laugh. “You obviously don’t realize I’m a fully grown woman now, one who can decide to invite a guy in... if she wants to”
She liked the way he tethered her to him by the wrist.
His eyes were shining, his expression intense. Anticipation raced in her veins. Her pulse ticked faster. The way he looked at her totally thrilled her.
The light went clicked off on its timer and they were plunged into gloom. “Oh bloody hell! Don’t worry I can find my way in the dark.”
He didn’t reply. Instead he moved closer still, traced his free hand up the line of her arm, and wrapped his fingers around the back of her neck.
Her head fell back, her pulse raced. When he stroked her underneath her hair, heat blossomed on her skin beneath his fingertips. The powerful tug between them magnified in the gloom.
“You used to drive me up the wall,” he whispered, against her ear, his voice husky. “You didn’t realize you were playing with fire.”
“What makes you think I’m playing now?” She could feel her nipples tightening, tugging on the tight fabric of her dress.
Rory groaned and backed her up against the opposite wall. Their bodies ricocheted together. Before she knew what was happening, his mouth covered hers.
Shock hit her, like a jolt of electricity, powering her for action.
She matched up to him, inviting him in for more. His hands were on her hips, hers were against his chest, the keys still clutched there between them. She pressed full against him—desperate to feel his every ounce of being against hers. She stroked her free hand over his chest and abdomen, where the muscle was strong and defined. The musky scent of his cologne and his skin took hold of her, like another hook on her desire, reeling her in...
Available in print from Amazon, Nook and Createspace.