Thursday, October 05, 2017


Meet the rebranded Harlot of Dundee! 😊 This and a whole bunch of linked covers have been designed for me by the talented Daqri Combs. (check out Covers by Combs on facebook!) 

Starting on January 1st The WITCHES OF SCOTLAND series will be released with titles coming out monthly – some will be reissues and some are brand new stories. 

I’m absolutely in love with the look Daqri came up with for the books and can’t wait to unveil the rest of the series. :) 

Right now The Harlot is available at a special preorder price of 0.99c/p or equivalent for digital download at online retailers. This price is for a limited time only so reserve your copy while its discounted!The books will also be available in print at the publication date. 

You can check out the blurb excerpt and links on my webpage.

Sunday, September 24, 2017


I'm home! Back from hospital last week after three weeks as an inpatient. It was a much longer stay and more difficult surgery than I’d anticipated, so I’m very glad to be home! A huge thank you for all the lovely messages sent via Facebook and Twitter. They kept me going. I’ve got to be patient with a long slow convalescence ahead, specialist nurses coming in every few days to make sure everything is going according to plan. But I'm now feeling up to keeping up with social media etc and looking forward to following my pals and groups again 
On the writing front, while I was offline I had a bunch of rights of reverted for my Scottish witches books, so with the help of Daqri Bernardo from Covers by Combs the books will be beautifully rebranded and listed towards the end of the year. Gorgeous Daqri covers to share soon  Looking into 2018 I’ve got a new series called Coded for Love that I'm looking forward to sharing with you. So despite everything the old brain is still working on the ideas  They won't let me go, never 
Once again many thanks to everyone for the messages. I'm looking forward to catching up with you all. Hugs.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Off line for a while.

Hey pals, I’m on my way into hospital tomorrow for surgery on Wednesday morning. Any good wishes you can send my way will be much appreciated, each and every one! I’m dreading this, because of massive post-surgery complications two years ago. Despite the fear, I’m hopeful too.

I’ll likely be off social media for 7-10 days. After a few days I may be able to look at my gmail. I’ll try to post an update as soon as I can. Meanwhile, I’ve arranged for a couple of my books to be on sale for 99 pennies at all retailers while I’m away: MONICA'S SECRET and SORCERESS. Click on the titles and the links will be there.

Stay strong, read good books, and if luck is on my side I’ll see you all soon! 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

French and Italian translations of RAMPANT are live!

RAMPANT is now live in both French and Italian translations, digi and print. Yaaay!

Sortilegio d'estate

Zoe Daniels è una segretaria superefficiente, razionale e piena di buonsenso, che trascorre una sospirata settimana di ferie in un delizioso paesino sulla costa scozzese...
La sua vacanza non si preannuncia esattamente all'insegna del relax; una strana atmosfera di eccitazione erotica pervade la villetta che ha affittato, anche a causa di un misterioso e conturbante vicino, Grayson Murdoch, un professore universitario i cui interessi di ricercatore permettono a Zoe di allargare i suoi orizzonti verso una dimensione magica e sensuale. Tra apparizioni, riti dionisiaci e magia nera, Zoe si trova coinvolta in un sortilegio che dovrebbe riportare in vita l'anima di una strega. E se lo spirito che vuole impossessarsi del suo corpo è quello di una donna passionale, l'esperienza di Zoe assume i connotati di un viaggio nel mondo dell'eros più sfrenato.


A peine Zoë a-t-elle atteint le petit village de Carbrey, perdu au nord de l'Ecosse, qu'elle se sent envahie par d'étranges sensations. Vibrant d'une énergie nouvelle, intensément sensuelle, elle a l'impression, sur cette terre mystérieuse, de devenir une autre femme. Bien plus désirable, et surtout follement désirante. Loin, très loin de la jeune femme sage qu'elle était à Londres... Est-ce bien elle qui, incapable de résister au désir brutal qui l'anime, ne peut trouver l'apaisement que sous les caresses de son ténébreux voisin, Grayson Murdoch ? Elle encore, la maîtresse insatiable qui, prête à tout pour éteindre le feu qui la dévore, soutient les regards lourds de désir de tous ceux qu'elle croise, ces hommes et ces femmes au comportement étrange qui la troublent au plus haut point ? Comme si on l'avait ensorcelée... Et pourquoi pas ? Tout, ici, ne parle-t-il pas de légendes, de magie et de force tellurique, capables de réveiller les désirs les plus enfouis ?

Kindle FranceKoboNook, and Apple 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Coming soon!

In the pipeline! French and Italian translations of my novel RAMPANT (Scotland & witchcraft) are coming *very* soon in both digital and print. Beautiful cover designed by the talented Daqri Bernardo at Covers by Combs. (love this cover to bits, it's so perfect for the story  )

Thursday, July 20, 2017

New review for REX

Lovely new review from A Readers Review for my novel, REX. So thrilled readers are enjoying Carmen and Rex's story. 

*REVIEW* ~ 5 stars for this uber sexy stepbrother romance by Saskia Walker. If you are after a swoonworthy read and enjoy scenes of dominance and submission this book is for you! Read more. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Free read! Minding Amy ~ contemporary romance

How about a fun freebie for today's reading?  MINDING AMY is #free on #kindle #KU from today for 5 days - grab it while you can! This is a light contemporary romance set in London. I love the cover for this one, designed by Frauke Spanuth. My heroine adores high heels but she's not very good at staying upright in them - getting her into all sorts of sexy trouble ..  I hope it'll bring you some smiles.  Here's the summary:
"Amy Norton is on a mission to prove herself as an Investigative Journalist, but her over-protective father hires a bodyguard to accompany her during her investigative work, and she's furious. Things only get worse when she realizes the bodyguard is the guy she mistakenly approached on a blind date the night before. She was all over the man and embarrassed herself, big time. The last thing she wants is to have him obstructing her investigation, gorgeous though he is.
Undercover Investigator, Sebastian Armitage, is amused and fascinated by the situation and sets out to charm the pants off the hot-headed Ms Norton. She is one sexy lady, and he wants her. Before long they embark on a red-hot affair, but how is Sebastian going to point out that she's going about investigative work the wrong way, while keeping her sweet?"

Amazon worldwide

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Geisha Girl

We got a new rug....and within moments this happened. 
Think she approves. 😍

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Update on Roberta - our lady-hedgehog rescue

A few weeks ago I posted about our wildlife rescue – the lady-hedgehog who lived in our border hedges, now called Roberta. You can read the first part of her story a few posts down. I now have an update!! Roberta responded very well to the intensive care of the volunteer who took her in. Apparently because she had an old injury with one of her back legs she couldn't groom properly and had succumbed to mites. That’s what was pulling her health down. It was sorted quite quickly and she was subsequently placed with a foster carer for her retirement, a volunteer who has a walled garden and takes in the retired hedgehogs to safely live out their days there. At age around 7 years and with a dodgy leg Roberta was offered this safe environment.
What a surprise then for her new foster carer when within a couple of days of being moved into her “retirement home” Roberta had a litter of hedgehogs! Yes, the volunteer from the British hedgehog Preservation Society had phoned to update (as promised) and to congratulate us on becoming grandparents to a litter of hedgehogs...
We were all very excited because of course with Roberta being in her retirement years it was completely unexpected. Apparently at the point where we found her, unwell, she must have been a few days pregnant and there would have been a risk with her having to be x-rayed, but all was well and now there are lots of little hedgehogs in that walled garden too. The lovely British Hedgehog Preservation Society local volunteer informed us we’d not only saved one little life, we’d saved many. Well, the kudos goes to them – such lovely people – and it was so good to hear!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Writing in the summerhouse....

I think I’ve posted about writing in our summerhouse before. My Real Life Hero, Mark, built it so I could be outside while I write, but not in the direct sunlight. We live on the side of a hill so catch a lot of sun in the garden and I don’t last long out there without shade. 

He’s insulated the walls and we’ve put our old sofas in there. The idea was I’d take my laptop with me (unplugged) and use the battery for a couple of hours at a time. Marvelous idea! But he keeps figuring ways to make things even better for me. That’s his excuse  I think he enjoys pottering with his “experiment.”  

Yesterday he fitted a solar panel (we already have one that runs a water feature) so that I can plug the laptop in while working out there. (photo taken at the end of the day when the sun moves round but this side of the summerhouse is in direct light all through the day.) It’ll also run the speakers he’s fitted in the roof space, Bluetooth, and….. a film projector. Lol! He keeps coming up with new ideas for the summerhouse. I swear we’ll be able to rent it out as a self contained property by the time he’s done. 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Confessing my dirty little secret... 😇

Have you read a #historicalromance by an author called Juliette Cosway? Of course you haven’t. I bet you’ve never even heard of her! And why would you want to read her book… she’s a crazy cat lady who spends all her time day dreaming about the swashbuckling heroes of yore, or so I imagine… I do like her motto though: “there’s no hero like a historical hero.”
Yes yes, it’s me, I confess! My dirty little secret is that I wrote a sensual historical #romance under a different name. Well, Juliette’s book was getting rather lonely all on its own out there and wanted to hang out with Saskia’s books. Ahem. Truth is maintaining two author personas was far too complicated for my poor old brain.  I don’t know how other authors do it, kudos to those who do. Anyway thanks to the lovely Jennifer Jakes and Kim Killion at we’ve updated the book as a Saskia Walker title. Kim Killion did the totally gorgeous cover for this one.
CATCH ME IF YOU CAN is a traditional sensual historical romance, i.e. not quite as much kinkywotsitery as you’d usually find in one of Saskia Walker’s books 😇 It’s a big book, a Victorian travel/adventure romance, and it’s available in print and digi. To launch it under my own name I’ve reduced the digi price to 2.99 until the end of June.

Escorting an English Heiress should be no trouble for an experienced man of the world…or so he thought.
Miss Eleanor Craven is much more than she appears. The daughter of a world traveller, she’s confident and rebellious –and refuses to be chaperoned. No self-respecting adventurer has a chaperone! The man her aunt has sent as escort would only hinder Eleanor with his strong opinions and tall, dark good looks…and his muscular body that has Eleanor thinking more about sensual trysts than exciting travels. So she must give him the slip—but perhaps one night in his arms wouldn’t hurt before she disappears.
Peter Rivers loves his work in the California vineyard he manages. So when he’s asked to escort the family’s niece on her journey he agrees without hesitation, positive he can resist the fiery attraction he feels whenever she’s around. After all, Eleanor may be fearless, but she’s also an innocent in all ways, and he won’t betray the trust of his employers or ruin their good name—not when his past tarnished his reputation beyond repair. No, somehow he’ll have to avoid temptation.
Little does he know Eleanor is hell-bent on seduction.

Here’s a taster from midway on the journey:

Why shouldn’t she enjoy the pleasures that he offered her? There was no moral code to be obeyed now. They’d abandoned that, there was only two grown people indulging their passion for one another.
Passion, she thought, yes, their passion for one another. She moved faster, an invisible thread drawing her in the wake of his footsteps.
She recalled the feeling of his body against hers, the exquisite sensations he’d nurtured and set free inside her. She wanted to know them again. Her footsteps quickened as she climbed the stairs. She glanced behind her toward the echoing music and faint voices still coming from the ballroom and anterooms.
When she reached her bedchamber she paused outside the heavy mahogany paneled door, and pushed her hair back. There was no one about in the gloom of the passage. She opened the door quietly, quickly moving inside and closing it behind her. She leaned against it, as if to close out the world.
A small lantern glowed by the bedside.
Rivers stood there, his tall lean frame half cast in shadows, his eyes on her. She wanted him. The power of her desire strengthened her determination. She left the door and walked to him.
He smiled, indolently. “You managed to wait…” He flicked open his pocket watch. “…about two and a half minutes. How eager you are to reach your bed.” His tone was teasing.
“I won’t deny it.” Her erratic heartbeat made her bold.
He smiled at her remark, and she arched her eyebrow. “And you, sir, you are here – in my private room, when by rights I should send you on your way.”
She was gratified to witness a flicker of doubt in his eyes. No, she’d no intention of sending him away and perhaps couldn’t, so strong was her need, but his arrogance had to be tempered before she let him take control of her body once more.
He touched her hair, running his hand down its shimmering length, the simple gesture somehow claiming her. “I would respect your decision. But you wouldn’t send me away, now, would you?”
“I should.” She braved herself. “However I find myself curious regarding your statement about pleasuring me until dawn.”
He looked deep into her eyes.
“Is it possible?” she queried, with as much dignity as she could muster.
His eyes shone, his mouth curling. “Believe me, I’m going to do my damndest to find out.”
His mouth descended to hers. He leaned over her, his hands crushing her body to his. Her lips parted. She caressed his neck and slid one hand down inside the open jacket of his uniform.
She tilted her head back, limbs heavy with desire, fingers entwined in his hair. “I want you, Rivers, and I cannot think of a better way to bring in the New Year than discovering more about this passion…” Her voice faltered. “…that we seem to share.”

in print from Createspace, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon worldwide

Thursday, June 08, 2017

ALONG FOR THE RIDE - reduced price this week

Something for the weekend? ;) 

My ménage novel, ALONG FOR THE RIDE, has a gorgeous new cover (by Daqri Bernardo at Covers by Combs) and to celebrate the price of the digi version has been dropped to 99pennies -> for one week only! 

also available in print through Amazon and B&N

Soon after her arrival at art college in London Georgina Montgomery begins modeling for one of her tutors, the Austrian artist Calvin Rolf. When Cal introduces her to his photographer friend, Jason Sutherland, a steamy ménage à trois affair follows. Being involved with two gorgeous men is a heady intoxicant, and Georgie casts her inhibitions aside. She’s in her element, but their idyll of sexual adventuring in London is interrupted because a paparazzi scandal threatens to erupt around them.

Jason has taken intimate photos of an old flame, Chloe Mac, now a pop star and media darling. His cousin is after the images to sell to the highest bidder, and Jason has to get to the photos in Scotland before his cousin does. Cal and Jason decide to hit the road, and Georgie comes along for the ride.

But the paparazzi hunt results in Georgie’s kidnap, and danger ups the emotional stakes for everybody involved. Georgie has to put her new found sexual power and confidence to good use, and territorial claims of the heart are about to be made.