Sunday, October 02, 2011

Getting ready for the Autumn/Winter work schedule...

How did it get to be October? This year is flying by. Time to take stock!

First up we had a lovely break, much needed and enjoyed. It was a total chill out session where I did little else than rest and recoup. Now I'm gearing up for the autumn and winter work. My schedule is nice and straightforward...and totally packed. I'll need to keep up the pace and avoid being distracted by glittery things. :)

The main two projects are THE LIBERTINE and THE JEZEBEL, the next two novels in the Taskill Witches series. These two novels tell the stories of Jessie (THE HARLOT) Taskill's brother and sister, Lennox and Maisie. I also have a novella in progress that I'd like to complete at some point in the next few months, APPASSIONATO. All three stories are historicals set in the eighteenth century. The Taskill books are predominantly set in Scotland, and the novella is set in London. I've put my word meters up on the right hand menu, so that means I'm officially working and accountable. :o) I may zip about from one project to the other but THE LIBERTINE really ought to be project number one.

In other news, some super reviews came in while I was away from the desk. First up I ♥ Bookie Nookie gave MONICA'S SECRET a "top pick" at The Romance Reviews.

The Romance Review"I was totally consumed from the very beginning of this book. Not only are the characters likable, smart and hot, their sexual encounters were off the! The cherry on top was that there was actually a story I was interested in and I truly wanted to know the outcome. I just can't say enough great things about this book. I really encourage you to get it if you are even a little intrigued by menage reads." Read full review here.

Alberta at Manic Readers gave ALONG FOR THE RIDE this awesome review and 4.5 stars:

"What a ride it is! London, Edinburgh and various points in between, indoors, outdoors, in public and private, this trio heats up the pages till I thought my e-reader was smoking! This is your book if you like lots of hot hot sex!" Read full review here.

and Silla Beaumont at Just Erotic Romance Reviews gave it 5 stars and an O for Orgasmic:

"Along For The Ride is one of the hottest, sexiest, most sensual books I’ve read! Between the erotically charged encounter between Cal and Jason to the passionate days and nights spent with the three of them, I found myself holding off on
reading the book until I had some quality “alone time.” Though the book was blisteringly hot from page one, it was also surprisingly sweet and charming."

Yay! A big thank you to the reviewers. I hope readers will enjoy the books just as much. It really makes my day to hear readers have enjoyed my work. It doesn't get better than that. :)

Have a great week, folks.

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Sam Crescent said...

Lots of writing planned for you honey and lovely to hear from you.

Take care.