Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hi Honeys, I'm home! Say hello to my new friend!

This beautiful creature is a six month old owl and I had the pleasure of holding him during our holiday in Mallorca. Isn't he gorgeous?!

Moments before this was taken we turned and looked directly into each other's eyes. He blinked, and I fell in love. I think you can see it in the daft happy look on my face. :) Anyone who has read my fantasy novella, THE STRANGELING, will know why... :)

Bron chose a sturdy oak to meditate beneath, sitting cross-legged at its base. He turned his face to the moon. Summoning the forces of nature, he enquired of the significant sources if he might draw upon them: the moon goddess, who lit the ground around him—the living creatures that moved in the hedgerows and shrubs, the faith and power of the elders at Western Tor. Preparing to harness whatever sources they offered him, he closed his eyes to what was around him and focused instead on the path back to Maerose.
Like reeds whispering in the wind, he heard their replies and felt them entering into his soul. He opened his eyes to a rush of color and light moving around him, vibrant in the still of the night. The elders pooled their power within him. It charged him with energy, with magic. He looked skyward, through the swirling light that shone down on him. The goddess of the moon had focused her attention on him, drawing her resources in from all over the land. He felt her acknowledgment and whispered the nature of his task to her, his voice riding easily on the currents of energy around him. She blessed his endeavor, sending him light and shadows to cloak himself as he saw fit. A subtle wind blew through the trees, and he rose to his feet on it. The call of a distant owl reached him, offering him passage and cover for his journey.
He took a deep breath, summoning his every resource, and his spirit lifted from his body and joined with the wise, magnificent bird. Its heart thudded within him, its blood beating into him. He saw through its eyes and took passage with it. The bird’s great and beautiful wings spanned out and the night air streamed beneath them as they rose. He sensed the shift of the fallen leaves around him as he took flight, gathering power and speed. Far below, the prey scurrying in the hedgerow became visible to his eyes as he covered the distance in the guise of the night predator.
Within moments they had traveled back to Veldor’s den. It stood, hunched against the wooded land, a gloomy retreat that emitted dark energies below them. Bron watched the stone walls and thatched roof as they grew closer, scanning the doorways. The owl landed on a window ledge, his silent wings attracting no attention from the men drinking inside the inn. He blinked, turning his head, spying the best way for Bron to travel through the maze-like passages to the cellar.
Bron urged the great bird on, and with one last call to the elders who channeled him their strength, he drew upon the shadows the moon goddess had offered, made himself invisible, and entered Veldor’s den.

I hope you've all had a good fortnight. More of my news as soon as I'm unpacked and have myself back up to speed.


Lucy Felthouse said...

Welcome back! Looks like you had a good time, and that owl is beautiful.

Sam Crescent said...

hello Saskia,

Welcome back and I bet you've got one busy schedule ahead of you honey. I hope you had a wonderful time.


Saskia Walker said...

Thanks Lucy! Isn't he gorgeous. His Scandinavian handler was a bit yummy too. ;)

We did, thanks Sam! It was a long overdue rest. I did nothing for the first ten days or so, literally stared into space with zero brain activity. lol!

Yes, it'll have to be eyes down now. I've got two big novels to write over the next 6/7 months. I'll need to stay focused.

Kristina Wright said...

Welcome home! I love the picture! ;-)