Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A new review, and a new short story!

THE RIGHT MEN FOR THE JOB has been reviewed by Night Owl and received 4/5 and some lovely comments from Kyraninse. Thank you Kyraninse!

This is a hot, steamy short that gives a good taste of just how good Saskia Walker can be. The entire story is tight, fast-paced, and yet definitely doesn't leave any loose ends hanging.

From the moment Astrid walks into Deacon and Vico's life, the stage is set -- within a few short pages the romance is going full throttle, Astrid's past is made clear, and Deacon and Vico enter a whole new phase within their friendship. The sensitive handling of Deacon and Vico's relationship was beautiful to behold and I really enjoyed how it was definitely a focal point, yet it never took away from Astrid's budding relationship with the two of them.

I just hope that I can see more of Walker's work in the future in the form of longer novels.

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Go here to read an excerpt!

And in other news, a new anthology is out that includes a short story from me!

If the spirit and magic of the winter season wasn't enough to keep you warm as the weather turns cold, you can count on the erotica in this spicy anthology to do the trick! So let it snow, and curl up with your favorite eXcessica authors and this sexy, seasonal anthology, bringing you the best of all things winter!

Stories included from: Sommer Marsden, Kiki Howell, Mallory Path, Phillip Sweeny, Paul McDermott, J.M. Snyder, Alessia Brio and Will Belegon, Giselle Renarde, Rachelle Le Monnier, Saskia Walker and Selena Kitt.

All funds from the collection go towards running costs at the eXcessica author's colloborative. You can buy it here. Or at Kindle.

UPDATED: Oooh, it's also on Ficitonwise. I should mention that my contribution is a new one and it's called GRIDLOCKED. It's a ménage à trois story set in London, and it goes like this (thinks...) f/f/m. :)

More from me soon, right now I'm surrounded by tax paperwork, (wah!) but I should be done with it very soon.

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