Thursday, December 10, 2009

On the desk this week, and some reading recs

Hurrah, my tax paperwork is all done! I always dread doing my taxes because I’m not mathematically inclined. It never seems as bad as I expect once I get down to it. Normally I get the job done over the summer, but we had a stressful few months back then and it got pushed down the list. It does mean I’m now using the online reporting system, which is a step in the right direction. Madelynne Ellis extolled the virtues of doing it this way and I’m glad I am finally up to speed because she was right, it’s easy!

Another project I’ve been working on in the background recently is pulling together some of my earliest short stories that have been unavailable and/or out of print, with a view to getting them re-released in 2010. One of these, my first ever paid publication, was a Black Lace short story that has been out of print for many years. I still like this one, and it looks as if I might officially get rights reverted but it’s a slow process. Another early story, The Welcome Home, was one I thought I’d signed away all rights to, but when I dug out the contract I discovered that I could release it in an anthology under my own name. So that one is also looking possible for an ebook collection as well. In my earlier years as a writer The Welcome Home was the firm favourite with all my friends who’d read my work, so it would be great if I could get it to a new audience. Having realised I could include it, however, I then couldn’t find an electronic copy of it anywhere! Haha. was so many computers and storage mediums ago when I wrote that one..! I had to tackle it the other way round and dictate the whole thing from the book using my dear faithful Dragonspeak. Ha! I wasn’t going to give in. ;-)

It’s definitely turning out to be a multitasking month. With those two projects done, I can concentrate on the other three projects I’m working on – the serial story, finishing up a contemporary partial, and an outline for a new novel idea. We’ve got some time booked away for Christmas, and there are other pressing matters at the homestead, so I have to be rigorous about getting stuff done around here at the mo, which is no bad thing and might set me up well for the new year.

One thing I wanted to blog about was some of the books I’ve read recently. I don’t post reviews, but I like to nudge people in the right direction if I’ve had a good read.

Helen Scott Taylor’s THE MAGIC KNOT was on my tbr pile for far too long, especially as I enjoyed the book immensely! This is a contemporary paranormal romance that draws on both Cornish and Irish mythology. The magical and the everyday are brought together wonderfully in the story, and I can only admire Helen’s talent in that department. It’s something I’ve tried to do myself and I know how hard it is. If you love paranormal romance you have to check it out. It won the Dorchester Publishing American-Title IV, deservedly so.

Another book I recently enjoyed is Calista Fox’s OBJECT OF DESIRE, a Red Sage novel. This is a hot erotic romance filled with adventure, action, and passion. With a delicious hero and a strong heroine who takes no nonsense this story had me alternately racing along and then pausing as I savoured certain parts. ;-) Calista did a wonderful job with the setting and I really felt as if I’d been on a terrific adventure after I’d read this one. Check it out, you won’t be sorry.

On the erotica front I recently devoured Jeremy Edward’s LAURA THE LAUGHER. This is an e-book collection of 6 erotica stories with a humorous edge. I’ve read many of Jeremy’s short stories in anthologies, (and I’m looking forward to his first novel, due out very soon, ) and I love his approach. His stories are witty, charming, intelligent, raunchy, and wildly arousing. In this collection, Jeremy shows his ability to create fun-filled erotica, writing with tremendous skill and panache. I’m a big fan.

Okay folks, today is devoted to the contemporary partial, and with any luck I'll get it finished up soon.


Victoria Janssen said...

Thanks for the recs!

Madelynne Ellis said...

I told you the online tax forms were easy :)