Thursday, July 24, 2008

Busy bee

Wow, it’s been a busy time here in the run-up to leaving for the RWA conference. I mostly feel quite levelheaded about the whole event, until I look at my timetable.... Ha! I'm on top of preparations though, and I’m now concentrating on what to say when I meet with my agent and all my editors. Gulp. Wish me luck, I'm very nervous.

In other news, ALONG FOR THE RIDE is now available in print! is shipping and so is Amazon UK although the information has not yet updated there. This book has been available as an ebook for around three years and it’s lovely to see it in print. The print copies are gorgeous, too, a smart and compact format with a lovely feel to them. Here’s the blurb:

When Georgina Montgomery gets involved with the Austrian artist Calvin Rolf and his Fleet Street photographer sidekick, Jason Sutherland, she signs herself up for more escapades than she ever could have imagined. Georgie soon discovers that being involved with two gorgeous men is a heady intoxicant and she quickly casts all her inhibitions aside. She's in her element, but their idyll of sexual adventuring in London is interrupted when a paparazzi scandal threatens to be unleashed around them.

They hit the road and when Georgie comes along for the ride she finds herself going further than she ever has before. None of them thought they'd go as far as falling in love, but they do, and who are they each falling for? When the paparazzi hunt results in Georgie's kidnap, danger ups the emotional stakes for everybody involved and territorial claims of the heart are about to be made.

Amazon com
Amazon UK

Good comments continue to come in about RECKLESS. Check out what my anthology buddy Sasha White had to say about the book and my writing here. I was delighted with her kind words! RECKLESS was also featured in the German romance magazine Love Letters, with a lovely review. Love letters is a super magazine, the German version of the Romantic Times, if you will. I wish we had something like it in England.

Ooh, there will be another freebie copy of RECKLESS up for grabs over at Alison Kent’s blog on Saturday. I’ll try to remember to post about this again, but my brain is a bit overloaded right now. ;-)

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Portia Da Costa said...

Congrats on the lovely reviews, so richly deserved! :)

And boy, does Along For the Ride look beautiful in print format. That's a super cover!

Oh, and totally agree... it would be lovely to have a proper romance reader magazine in the UK. But there's nothing, really, is there?