Monday, January 22, 2007

Juno Fantasy Books

Anyone who is interested in the new Juno Fantasy line -- check out the updated website! The site is still being tweaked, but the line is in full swing now, with the third and fourth books reaching outlets about now. The line up is looking great! You can read excerpts on the site, and there’s an art gallery for you to check out the cover art. The webmistress has also set up a forum, and I hope anyone who has questions or comments about the novels or the line will post there.

Coincidentally, this morning I received my first review for THE STRANGELING, my first fantasy romance novel with Juno, due out very soon. I have to admit it’s getting a bit chaotic here, with so many things coming out soon. I'm still receiving new reviews for DOUBLE DARE, and reviews for KINK and STRANGELING are starting to come in. It's a bit like buses, nothing for ages and then... I wrote the stories over a number of months/years but they have all come out in the space of a few months. This can happen. The first half of this year is very busy for me, but the second half is looking quieter. Phew!

The even better news is that THE STRANGELING has received 5 Klovers from CK2s Kwips and Kritiques! Debbie, the reviewer, had some wonderful things to say:

THE STRANGELING is a hauntingly beautiful tale of good versus evil. An eerie atmosphere permeates the story as Saskia Walker brings her carefully crafted world to vivid life. The lush descriptions of the scenery are stunning as Ms. Walker depicts the stark, almost ghostly reality of THE STRANGELING. The images evoked by the demons will send shivers down the spine of the reader of this compelling tale.

The character development of Maerose, Bron, and Veldor is superb. Maerose demonstrates great strength of character and her purity of heart shines through. She is a phenomenal female lead in this fantasy and her character truly makes this story work. Bron is the perfect male complement for Maerose as he seeks only to do what is right. Veldor provides a stunning contrast as his malevolence is powerfully written.

THE STRANGELING is the sort of story that haunts the reader long after the last page is turned. Saskia Walker has a true gem with this superb fantasy novel coupled with all the elements to make a great paranormal romance as well. This reviewer will definitely be keeping an eye out for further fantasy novels from this fabulous author! Read full review.

Woohoo! I hope anyone who picks up this novel enjoys it as much as Debbie did! :)


Callie said...

I am sure we all will.


Saskia Walker said...

Fingers crossed ;)