Sunday, January 21, 2007

Somewhere over the rainbow..

The stormy weather we've been having abated for a couple of hours this morning, so we made the most of it and had a drive out on the moors. It's just as well we did it right away, because it was back to rolling angry skies and hailstones by the time we got home. Up on the moor, though, it was just amazing, with that brilliant light you get after the storm. The photos show nearby Ilkley Moor, and the Cow and Calf rocks. The photo with the rainbow showing faintly in the background was taken today with a mobile phone camera, the one further down is a much better shot of the same location from the web, but it gives some idea what it was like. At one point we had two rainbows standing next to each other, seemingly close enough to touch.

It was good. I badly needed to get out of the house for a few hours, partly because this weird weather has me in danger of getting cabin fever, LOL, but also because yesterday I took delivery of my new car. Yay! Oh, don't get too excited...I changed a black Ford Focus for a new black Ford Focus. But I needed to get out for a bit of a test drive. There's something very special about driving a car with only 30 miles on the clock.

Because I'm disabled, with bone disease in my right leg, I drive a specially adapted vehicle. This time the adaptations were slightly different, so I had various upgrades to familiarise myself with. I was very happy with it! The sun was shining, and we doubled the number of miles on the clock. ;) We saw a lot of fallen trees, but the sheep were happily out and about roving the moor, which was a good sign. Even though it didn't last the whole day through, it was just brilliant.

I hope you've been having a good weekend too.


Callie said...


To be able to wake up and see the beauty you captured on your camera phone, versus what I see, is incredible!
I so love the country!


Saskia Walker said...

Hi Callie! I do feel lucky. We live on the edge of a city, so we can get out into the countryside relatively easily, but have all the benefits of a big city too. It's an ideal mix.