Saturday, November 25, 2006

New review for Double Dare

A new top scoring review came through for DOUBLE DARE from a new-to-me review site, Kwips and Kritiques. It's a super site, check it out. Here's a snippet from the review!

DOUBLE DARE is an extraordinarily sexy tale that puts a different spin on mistaken identity. ..One simple lie is the impetus behind the plot of DOUBLE DARE but Saskia Walker cleverly shows how one lie quickly leads to another. Complicating the entire affair is the secondary romance of Suzanne and Nathan which is also directly a result of the one simple little lie. Meanwhile, Zac struggles with his own lie as he doesn’t immediately reveal himself as the Ashburn heir. DOUBLE DARE expertly combines these spicy romances with a wonderful story of boardroom intrigue. Saskia Walker definitely is a force to be reckoned with in the
erotica genre! 5 Klovers.

I don't like to post too much heavy stuff on my blog, but I've had a tough month here, so this latest review was a joy to see! I'm also doing a very interesting interview at the moment for the Erotic Authors Association. The interviewer, Pamela Weatherill, has thought of some superb questions about Double Dare. More news on that when it goes online.

Have a great weekend!


Bailey Stewart said...

Sorry to hear that things are tough - (((hugs)))

Double Dare deserves all of the great reviews it can get. You've written an excellent book Saskia.

Saskia Walker said...

Thanks, sweetie. Your hugs are much appreciated, as are the kind words about the book!