Sunday, November 26, 2006

Juno Books

If you’re a regular visitor you will have seen me posting about Juno Books before. This is a new fantasy/paranormal romance line from Wildside Press. Two of my fantasy novels are coming out on Juno next year, and I’ve been encouraging other authors to think about subbing. If you are considering it, be sure to check out the updated guidelines. And don’t forget to stop by the main page to see the gorgeous covers, yum!

PS. This is Timothy Lantz's website, the Juno cover artist.


Devon Ellington said...

A. Congratulations!

B. Thanks for posting the link to the guidelines!

Jordan Summers said...

Congrats! The publisher looks terrific and the covers are beautiful. Sigh...looks like I'll be buying more books. *g*

Tilly said...

Hey Saskia they look wonderful. I actaully have a fantasy series on my hard drive. Maybe I should dust it off. Do they buy from partials?

Saskia Walker said...

Many thanks, Devon. It's a fab line to write for.

Thanks Jordan, and me too on more books. The covers really capture the imagination and that means i want them all. ;-)

Tilly, go for it! Check out the guidelines, it's all there. You can email partials for consideration. Paula Guran is the editor and she's just amazing to work with. I've learned heaps and she's a lot of fun too.