Saturday, June 15, 2013

Free novel-length read: DOUBLE DARE

I have a free read to tempt you with today. :) DOUBLE DARE is a backlist title of mine and for FIVE DAYS ONLY it's free on Kindle. If you don't have a a Kindle, you can still download and read it on your computer. If you enjoy contemporary erotic romance stories set in London and Paris, and missed it the first time around, this might be one for you!

Here's the summary:
Two hearts entangled in a steamy affair and a truth or dare game brought about by a mutual desire for erotic discovery...

Investment broker Abigail Douglas has got it all, but Abby—the woman—longs for a secret affair, a playmate who knows nothing about her high-powered business world, and Zac Bordino might just be the man. He’s mysterious and sexy—just right for Abby’s walk on the wild side—but very soon she finds that she wants more, and his mysterious, evasive nature makes her curious. Is there more to this sexy, entrepreneurial club owner than meets the eye? And why does she suddenly feel as if her every move is being watched?

Zac Bordino is perplexed when he realizes that the woman managing his business investments is the same woman he’s having an affair with. She’s pretending to be a little nobody out for a good time, and because she’s a red hot number he plays along, cautiously observing her to get to the truth. From high-powered offices in London to pulse-pounding nightclubs in Paris, they find an insatiably perfect match in business and in pleasure. But when Zac begins to fall for Abby, he has to decide whether to reveal the secret link between them, or try to win her heart first.

79,000 words in length, contemporary erotic romance. Please note: this novel has been previously published with an alternative cover. This title contains graphic m/f sex scenes.

You can read an excerpt here. The book is available FREE (5 days only) from Kindle US, and Kindle UKIf you pick up the story, I hope you enjoy it! Please consider leaving a rating or review at Amazon. Thanks!


Casey Sheridan said...

Yes! I grabbed mine copy. Thanks Saskia!

My cat Cecil and I love you. :)

Saskia Walker said...

lol I love you and Cecil :) Give him a fuss and a snuggle from me. Hope you enjoy the read!