Thursday, May 23, 2013

Marveling at technical advances and how they impact me as a writer

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that a reader had done a video review of my book THE LIBERTINE and it was up on You Tube! Well… you probably can't imagine my surprise. I was stunned, really.  Keep in mind that the Internet still seems like miracle to me, on a daily basis ;) When I was growing up we didn't have PCs let alone internet, and I marvel at technical progression all the time. 

Even when I was at Uni in my 3rd year as an Arts student the height of excitement was being given access to a room (read: cupboard) with 3 manual typewriters in it. Yup. The Sciences had started with computer rooms at the time, but mostly Arts students hand wrote everything.

When I started writing in the mid 1990s I had a PC, but access to the internet was patchy until about 2002. Now, I can type on machines that are tiny, pretty much anywhere I want, and I can dictate to them too. I can research *anything* immediately, and I can communicate with my editors, fellow authors, and readers, instantly and in all sorts of ways. Because it wasn't always this way for me, I never take it for granted.   

Recently I posted about Harlequin in Australia doing a video promo of THE LIBERTINE. That was exciting too. Discovering that a reader in Texas had done a video review of something I wrote was in a league of its own though. It's just so odd and kind of enthralling to hear a reader talking about my Scottish set book while she's in Texas and I'm in Yorkshire. :)

Anyway, if you'd like to check out the review follow this link.

I don’t have a You Tube account, so if you see this, BlkLaquer, thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts with other readers!

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