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Publication Day: HOLLY'S INTUITION

HOLLY'S INTUITION, the second book in the Erogenous Zones series, is out today!
Holly's neighbours, Joshua and Stewart, are fit, gorgeous, and gay -- or that's what she thinks. Then one day, after coming to his aid following an accident, she forms a deep connection with Joshua, and subsequently becomes a psychic voyeur into his love life with Stewart. Holly has never experienced anything so intense, erotic, and arousing before, and despite her confusion about why this has happened to her, she can think of little else but being in the bed with the two men.

Joshua is trying to come to terms with being gay, and he's about to announce his sexuality to his family. But now Holly has entered the scene and he's drawn to her as well as to his partner, Stewart. Since his accident he feels close to Holly. She calms him…and arouses him. Sharing Stewart with her shouldn't be this much of a turn-on, but it is.

Stewart is bisexual, and his attraction to Holly is something he's been keeping under wraps for the sake of his relationship -- until he discovers Joshua is attracted to her as well. When they end up in a threesome, sex has never been this hot, but Joshua is even more confused about his sexuality as a result. Then Holly confides her psychic ability, adding a whole new dimension that none of them can ignore. Her intuition has brought them together, but will it also tear them apart?

Available now from Total-E-Bound.

Here's an excerpt:
Stewart grabbed his backpack, threw it over his shoulder and downed the remains of his breakfast smoothie before leaving the kitchen. He walked the length of the hallway as quietly as possible and was about to head out of the front door when Joshua emerged from the bedroom, yawning.

Stewart paused to admire his lover. He was lacking in self-consciousness, barely awake as he was, and completely naked. His cock was at half-mast and it made Stewart want to touch him. There was nothing quite as good as making Joshua come. There was that little bit of resistance in Josh that tripped something in Stewart. Even when his expression begged Stewart to show him how good it could be, Stewart could see it. It made it all the more satisfying when Joshua finally let rip and gave himself over to his more primitive urges.

“I didn’t wake you, did I?” Stewart asked. Joshua still needed as much rest as he could get, recovering from an injury as he was.

“No, I’m just about to get in the shower. I was trying to catch you before you left.” Joshua scrubbed at his closely shaved black hair. “I’ve been meaning to ask you, have you seen Holly recently?”

Stewart shook his head.

“I was thinking we should invite her over to dinner. I want to thank her for what she did for me after that loon knocked me off my bike, but I haven’t seen much of her since I got home from the hospital. We used to chat every morning, but now that I have to get the Tube to work I’m leaving earlier and I haven’t coincided with her. If you see her will you ask her over?”

Stewart nodded. “Sure, I’ll call on her when I get back from my shift.” He winked. “Always happy to invite an attractive woman over for dinner.”

Joshua lifted an eyebrow.

“What? You haven’t noticed the way she looks?” Stewart grinned. Holly Evans was understated for a woman in her mid twenties, but she had a subtle vibrancy Stewart admired. Intelligent, curious eyes, or something, he couldn’t quite pinpoint it. Aside from that her waist-length dark-blonde hair and tall, curvy figure gave her a statuesque look that had caught his attention the moment she’d moved into the flat next door to his. Sweet-natured she was too.

“Of course I’ve noticed,” Joshua replied, “but that’s not why I’m inviting her over.”

“No, you wouldn’t want to spend too long looking at her, not with you being gay now and all.” Tension gathered in Joshua’s expression and Stewart knew he shouldn’t have teased him before he’d had a chance to wake up properly. Some days he couldn’t tease him about his sexuality at all, but Stewart was trying to edge Joshua towards an easier understanding of it, and that was no easy job since Josh had only admitted his attraction to men six months earlier. “Is Saturday good for you?” he added, in a relaxed tone, moving the conversation on.

“Friday would be better,” Joshua responded. “Saturday I have to visit my parents. They’re having some sort of a family get-together after the rehearsal for my sister’s wedding.” His expression brightened, as if he was waking up. “Hey, if we have Holly over on Friday it’ll give me a chance to spoil someone who really appreciates a good meal.”

Stewart gave him a fake punch in the shoulder. “You’re a good cook, but your tastes are too rich for me.” He slapped his belly, all hard muscle from his hours in the gym. “Protein,” he added in a demanding tone.

“Carbs,” his cyclist lover responded, cheekily.

It was a familiar point of contention. However, it was good to see Joshua feeling social again. He loved to cook for people, but in the days since his accident he’d been a bit withdrawn. This was a good sign, and having Holly over for dinner would be fun.

Before Stewart left he closed the gap between them and kissed Joshua full on the mouth, cupping the back of his head in one hand. Joshua responded, his hands on Stewart’s hips making Stewart wish he didn’t have to open up at the gym that morning. He was getting hard, and a morning session would be appreciated. Time was against them, though.

“You’d better hit the shower, and fast,” he said huskily as they drew apart, glancing down at his lover’s naked body, “or neither of us will get to work on time.”

“Later,” Joshua said with a laugh, and nodded at the door.

“I’ll hold you to that.”

“Good.” Joshua stroked his erection provocatively, with humour in his eyes.

Available now from Total-E-Bound.

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Portia Da Costa said...

Wahey, congratulations on publication day!

Having read the first in this series, I know that Holly will be just as fantastic. :)