Sunday, March 06, 2011

Back at the desk, thumbscrews, and a bargain or two!

Hey folks, I'm back at the desk after a few days in Edinburgh. I'll post about our trip later in the week -- because it was partly to do some research for one of my 2011 projects, THE LIBERTINE, (the sequel to THE HARLOT, which is due out at the end of May) and I'll share more details about the research trip and the Taskill Witches soon.

As a taster, here's a photo of me in the fabulous National Museum of Scotland, a collection we visit every time we head up because there's so much to see it's impossible to take it all in on one visit. I'm standing with some of the artifacts from the time of the witch hunts in Scotland (check out those thumbscrews in the display case! Can you see me twitching?! ;-) Anyone who has read RAMPANT knows about my fascination with Scotland in the time of the witch trials, and I continue to write in that setting in the Taskill Witches series. More news on that soon!

Meanwhile, are you looking for a bargain read? My Smashwords books are 50% off through to March 12th. Go here to find the four books included, and the discount code is given on site when you click on the book. This offer includes two collections of my erotica short stories: UNLEASHED and UNASHAMED.


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I know, it's gruesome, but I'm afraid I'm breaking you in easy...cos that's the least of it! I've kept the worst horrors for later in the week. Brace yourself! ;-)