Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New publication: UNASHAMED, an erotica anthology

Let Saskia Walker take you on an erotic journey of discovery with eighteen red hot stories of love, lust, and blatant seduction. Titillating, tantalizing, and totally explicit, UNASHAMED delivers diverse sexual scenarios from first love explorations to forbidden rendezvous, raunchy threesomes to playful committed couples. The characters in these stories revel in their sexuality-with delicious and climactic results.

This is a collection of my short stories from across the time I’ve been writing, a follow up/partner book to UNLEASHED. This one includes (amongst 17 others) my very first ever paid sale, “In Pursuit of Knowledge,” which has been out of print for ages. It was the first erotic short story I ever wrote, my first paid sale, and it appeared in the first ever erotic short story anthology published by Black Lace, a book called SUGAR AND SPICE (1997). I recently had rights returned by Black Lace/Random House and I was delighted to be able to include it.

Also included is one of my early reader favourites, "The Welcome Home," which appeared in a Penguin Dutton book edited by Lonnie Barbach in 2000. This one is hard to find nowadays, but I discovered that I was contractually able to publish it in an anthology of my own work, which meant I could include it. It's a very early work in which I break all the rules...cos I hadn't learned them yet. ;o) But people loved it all the same. Weird, huh. ;o)

Available from Excessica, Kindle US, Kindle UK, ARe, Fictionwise (with 15% discount this week!) and in print from It will shortly also be available in print from Amazon UK.


Lucy Felthouse said...

Looks great Saskia! May have to grab a copy of that when my Kindle arrives!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Yay! It's great to see your fabulous stories getting collected together. It's sort of like a class reunion or something, isn't it? : )

Saskia Walker said...

Lucy - you're always welcome to a review copy. I think you've got a few of mine already. :)

Jeremy -that's it exactly! A reunion. It was great to be able to pull in the hard to find stories.