Saturday, June 12, 2010

Parli Italiano? RAMPANT in Italy!

I'm excited! RAMPANT is now available in Italian! I've had several short stories translated, but this is my first full length novel translation. Seems like a good reason for a party, si..? :)

An online translator seems to think the title, SORTILEGIO D'ESTATE, means Summer Witchcraft, or Summer Spells. Any Italian speakers out there who can confirm that for me?

Anyway here is the blurb, and then the online translator's version - cos they are always good for a laugh and this one had me in stitches!!



Zoe Daniels è una segretaria superefficiente, razionale e piena di buonsenso, che trascorre una sospirata settimana di ferie in un delizioso paesino sulla costa scozzese...

La sua vacanza non si preannuncia esattamente all'insegna del relax; una strana atmosfera di eccitazione erotica pervade la villetta che ha affittato, anche a causa di un misterioso e conturbante vicino, Grayson Murdoch, un professore universitario i cui interessi di ricercatore permettono a Zoe di allargare i suoi orizzonti verso una dimensione magica e sensuale. Tra apparizioni, riti dionisiaci e magia nera, Zoe si trova coinvolta in un sortilegio che dovrebbe riportare in vita l'anima di una strega. E se lo spirito che vuole impossessarsi del suo corpo è quello di una donna passionale, l'esperienza di Zoe assume i connotati di un viaggio nel mondo dell'eros più sfrenato.



Saskia Walker

Zoe Daniels is a super-secretary, rational and full of common sense, who spends a longed-week holiday in a delightful village on the Scottish coast ...

Your holiday promises to be not exactly relaxing, a strange atmosphere of erotic excitement pervades the house that he rented, partly because of a mysterious and disturbing nearby Grayson Murdoch, a professor whose research interests allow Zoe to broaden its horizons to a magical dimension and sensual. Between appearances, Dionysian rites and black magic, Zoe is involved in a spell that should revive the soul of a witch. And if the spirit that wants to take possession of his body is that of a passionate woman, the experience of Zoe takes the features of a journey into the world of eros more rampant



Willsin Rowe said...

Ooh! The world of eros more rampant! I wanna go!

Saskia Walker said...

Hey Willsin! :) Seeing it in Italian does add a certain extra appeal! lol!

Lapis Lazuli said...

Hi! I'm an Italian fan of Rampant.
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book, it's one of the best erotic fiction I've read up to now. I liked the Scottish setting, the witch mystery, the thrilling... and of course the hot scenes and the sexy Grayson!Unfortunately I usually read Italian translations only, so I haven't read your other books, but I hope they will be translated into Italian soon as I really would like to read them all!
I wish I could write more about the feelings your book gave me, but my English is not so good to express all my thoughts.
Please forgive my mistakes...
I hope to read you again soon!

Saskia Walker said...

Thank you so much for calling by and posting! Your English is very good so don't worry about that. I'm excited to have an Italian reader saying hello, and your words about the story made me very happy. :)

My second Spice novel, THE HARLOT, is due out in English in June next year. If Italian readers have enjoyed RAMPANT I'm hopeful it will be translated too. It's also set in Scotland but it's a historical setting. If you enjoyed Annabel's story in RAMPANT you will like THE HARLOT too. Fingers crossed for another translation.

Thanks again for calling by and making my day! :)