Thursday, March 25, 2010

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Where did the last week go? I haven’t blogged, naughty me. Partly it’s because our internet has been down (along with the TV and phone – help!) and partly it’s because I'm snowed under (so I had plenty of work to keep me out of trouble when I was offline. ;-) I’m steadily climbing the to-do mountain now and thought I’d do a quick blog about what’s going on.

I’m working on SORCERESS edits (Total-E-Bound novel, due out June) and galleys for SWEET-TALKING THE OPPOSITION (Red Sage novella, July.) Work on THE HARLOT is on hold for the time being, (which is dangerous because The Harlot gets bored easily and causes havoc if left unattended for long) but I hope to be back to her story full time very soon. When I do I'll post a bit about how the plot is taking a life of its own.

It’s only a few days until RAMPANT is officially published and it’s already shipping from several online retailers including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon in the UK.

Just this morning I discovered a wonderful review was posted by Mama Bookworm over at The Fiction Enthusiast’s blog.

I was initially drawn to Rampant because of the paranormal aspects. Erotica isn’t something I usually read but I found the synopsis for Rampant interesting so I decided to check it out. I’m glad that I did.

Yes, this book was naughty but it also had a great plot. The author has a very beautiful and descriptive style of writing. You couldn’t help but to hate the bad guys and love the good ones. The setting was a beautiful coastal town in Scotland which just happens to be one of my favorite places to visit when opening a book. The descriptions of the terrain were so vivid it made me feel as if I was there seeing it all through the character’s eyes. As if that wasn’t enough the romantic interest was a gorgeous man with a Scottish brogue. Men with accents always win my heart. There was no exception when it came to Grayson Murdoch the blonde witch and love interest of Rampant’s protagonist Zoe.

Rampant is a beautifully written work of erotic romance. It contains fascinating characters and steamy love scenes all set in the gorgeous country of Scotland. All in all I found this a very entertaining read. I’d recommend it to those that enjoy paranormal romance and whose senses aren’t offended by more risqué sex scenes.

Those comments made my day!

Oh, and if you’ve been following YIELD TO ME, my online read at Harlequin, the last two parts of the story are now online! Go here to find them.

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Mama Bookworm said...

I loved reading and reviewing Rampant! Best of the luck on your up and coming release day :)