Thursday, March 18, 2010

Part 6 of YIELD TO ME, plus some sales news!

Some exciting news came in from my lovely agent last night—I have a new Spice Brief sale! The title of this one is WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM JOE.

I’m so pleased to have another Spice Brief in the pipeline, and I have to say this is one of those stories that suggested itself to me and then just had to be written. It’s about Warren and Anya, a couple who have known each other for a long time as friends. When Anya splits with her boyfriend, Warren dares to make a move. He wants her so much and has done for a long while, but he’s a little afraid that she is on the rebound, or may even go back to her ex. Things are further complicated by the fact he has overheard some idle office chatter about Anya’s secret fantasy—to try a threesome. This guy wants to make all her dreams come true, and win her heart. Meanwhile, Anya knows Warren has never settled down and wonders why. When he suggests a threesome, she thinks this is his kinky secret, and that he is not the settling kind. What they both need is a little help from Joe, the sexy friend who makes it all come together – in more ways than one! ;-)

I’m not sure when this story will be published as yet. Meanwhile, however, part six of my online read, YIELD TO ME, is now available! Click here if you are following that story and want to read the next instalment.

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Portia Da Costa said...

Oh, the outline for your Brief sounds fabulous! Really looking forward to this one. :)