Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Bibliophilic Book Blog review of RAMPANT

If you popped over to the interview I posted yesterday, you might have seen Monica's review of RAMPANT while you were there. I actually have to keep checking that it's my book she's talking about. :o) Her love for RAMPANT is a writer's dream come true. Check it out!

In order to review this book appropriately I have to share a bit about myself. I am a Pagan, I believe in love, light, nature, and balance above all things. Anyway, I shared that with you because reading this book I felt believe I connected with the characters (the decent ones at least) on an entirely different level than if I were not of the Pagan religious persuasion. There are a few scenes, mainly ones featuring Anabel that I just felt at peace, there is a quote, I don't have access to the book anymore but the quote basically states my beliefs more eloquently that I could ever get them to come out. I wish I had the book to share it with you.

The characters are complex, rich, and wonderfully developed. The villain is truly a villain, you can just tell, he is just a bad guy. On the other side, the protagonists are everything that is supposed to be a romantic protagonist couple, and a super hot one, like sizzling hot, at that. I'll take a leather wearing, ripped, book reading, motorcycle riding, all around delicious author to save my butt any day of the week. I again, L-O-V-E this book and I will read it over and over, it is now snug on my favorites shelf

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Monica said...

Thanks for linking hon! I need to learn to edit better too. GAH! :)

and I need to find that quote!