Sunday, March 28, 2010

RAMPANT is live in New York!

Jeremy Edwards is one of the most charming and talented people you could wish to know in the publishing business, and he's done the most wonderful thing for this here writer!

Jeremy and his lady went to New York this past few days and while they were there they took some photos of RAMPANT on the romance shelves, so that I could see the book there! How adorable and caring is that? It's unlikely I'll ever get to see the book on shelves myself, so you can imagine how excited and touched I was by this.

Jeremy reports that the first two photos are from the 86th St. Barnes and Noble...

..and this photo is from the Union Square Barnes and Noble!


Annemarie said...

Wonderful! Makes me want to hunt for it at my local big box. It's always interesting to see what's shelved in romance and what is shelved in the naughty corner - I'm always surprised.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thank you so much for this marvelous shout-out, sweet, brilliant Saskia!! It was very exciting to meet up with your books "in person" and ask them to pose for you (just like you did for me in Leeds and Edinburgh, which was so thrilling for me!). Oh, and the copy of Rampant that came home with me is blowing you kisses. : )