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Excerpt from one of my most popular short reads...

I was posting this excerpt elsewhere so thought I'd post it here too. THE RIGHT MEN FOR THE JOB is a short ménage à trois novella and it was published last year. It's been my most popular story of that length (stories that fall between 10-15,000 words -- long shorts, or short novellas, take your pick. :)

SUMMARY: They both want to service her every need...

Car mechanics, Deacon and Vico, have been lusting after sultry Astrid Jacobs who works in a nearby office. When Astrid walks into their workshop they've already got a friendly rivalry going on about who will be asking her out.

Astrid quickly loses her nerve about dealing with mechanics because these guys are so charming, gorgeous, and full-on. When they offer to drop her at her next appointment, she agrees. She needs a confidence boost, because she's on her way to her best friend's engagement party and her best friend is getting married to Astrid's ex. The confidence boost she needs is right here in Deacon and Vico.

After confessing her situation, the guys offer to come with her and show the ex what he's missing. It's the perfect excuse for the three of them to flirt outrageously. But the flirting doesn't stop at the party, and they are soon engaged in a torrid threesome.

Astrid is about to discover that if you need something doing properly, you get the right men for the job...

Reader Advisory: This book contains group sex and m/m interaction


Vico arrived at work early the next morning, but Deacon was already there. Astrid's car was inside the workshop, ready and waiting for the new part. The parts delivery would arrive within the next hour. By the looks of it, Deacon was not only ready and waiting—he'd given it a wash and polish. He was in the inspection pit, working on another vehicle that was due that morning. As Vico approached, Deacon climbed out of the inspection pit wiping his hands on a rag.

Vico threw his backpack onto the nearby workbench. "I thought you'd be at home, sleeping off the excesses of last night."

"Of course you did," Deacon replied. "And that's why you're here early, because you thought you'd get to Astrid's car first."

Vico raised an eyebrow, more than a little amused by Deacon's blatant response. Normally Deacon was more cautious. He rarely put his opinion out there. Something about Astrid was bringing him out of his shell. That seemed like a major achievement in itself.

"Does it matter who fixes her car?" He opened his hands in a gesture of unanimity. "If you prefer, we can both take a hand in the job."

Deacon flashed him a wry smile. "You really like it, don't you? Sharing a lover. It turns you on."

Vico shrugged. "Who wouldn't be turned on by it? The setup didn't seem to do your libido any harm." He nodded in the direction of Deacon's fly. The night before Deacon had been more than impressive in that department, and apparently he'd been unfazed by the fact another man—a friend—was looking on. There was no turning back from that moment in time. Had the morning after brought regrets?

"I thought you might be…you know, a little embarrassed about the both of us being involved with Astrid."

Deacon shook his head. "We've known each other, for what…three years?"

Vico nodded.

"We're good friends," Deacon continued. "And we're adults."

Vico hesitated, and then smiled. He liked that because it was accepting, and that's what he needed from Deacon right now. Deacon meant a hell of a lot to him. He couldn't help teasing him a bit more, though. "I'm glad I didn't put you off your stride."

Deacon wiped his hands on the rag once again, and then cast it aside, but didn't respond.

The gap only urged him to press on. "You know that I've been involved with guys, as well as women. I've mentioned it often enough."

Deacon met his gaze, bold and sure. "I thought about it. I thought about it last night, when you were watching me."

Deacon had never acknowledged his bisexuality before. Had the right woman enabled that barrier to be breached? Vico was glad, and more than that he was relieved. It was his way to state his bisexuality, so that people weren't thrown by finding out accidentally. He also knew that Deacon was an old fashion man, deep down. He was a true friend as well as a business partner, and he didn't want to offend him in any way. He'd been turned on by the both of them last night, and the last thing he would want was for Deacon to be upset by that.

"Sure," Deacon continued, "it was hard to drag my attention away from the lovely Astrid." He gestured fluidly with his hands. "She's all my dreams come true, but I didn't totally lose touch with reality, as hard as it was." One corner of his mouth lifted. "I knew what
you were thinking."

Vico was more than a little surprised. Not only that, he was starting to get hard. "Have you ever been with a man?"

"Nope." They stared at each other for several long moments. "I'm straight, but even straight men can be curious."

Vico nodded, but he didn't respond directly to that, he didn't have to. Enough had been said. "So, about Astrid…"

Deacon laughed softly. "Ah, I see. You were softening me up by alluding to the fact you were turned on looking at my arse, and then you're gonna come in and steal the woman from under me."

Vico liked the way this was going. "Actually, I rather like seeing her under you."

He'd thrown that out there on purpose, testing the water. Tension ratcheted in the atmosphere between them. They both knew what he was getting at. Had he pushed it too far?

"What happens next?" he added, suddenly not sure.

Deacon smiled and then rested one hand on Vico's shoulder. "We fix her car."

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