Thursday, February 11, 2010

4 stars for RAMPANT from Manic Readers!

Wahay! Another review for RAMPANT, and some lovely comments from IvyD at Manic Readers!

"Rampant is suspenseful, sexy and exciting. Ghosts, witches, white magic vs. dark magic and true love combine to make a page turner that’s hard to put down. Zoe and Gray are as opposite as you can get, yet they fit together like puzzle pieces. Annabel needs her story to be told and Zoe is the conduit she requires to do so. Are Annabel’s visions showing a way for Zoe and Gray to beat the present day malevolence threatening them, or a ploy to lure them to their destruction? Will they be able to withstand the evil that wants to take Zoe for itself? I loved the way the present and past parallel and play off each other. The sins of the past do come to haunt the future. Rampant is a thrilling hot read that’s just the thing for a cold night." Go here to read the full review.

4 Star Spinning

Totally made up by those comments on the book! In other news, RAMPANT now appears to have a Kindle listing, as well as print at Amazon and Amazon UK. It looks as if Kindle readers will be able to pre-order it soon. It's also now available for advance order at a great price from Barnes and Noble online. Exciting stuff. Not long until publication day now!

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