Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Proofing -- light at the end of the tunnel

I did a little dance today (even though my eyes were on stalks) after I had completed my Author Alteration page proofs for RAMPANT. Whew! It's done and gone. I think the next time I see this book it will be published! Meanwhile, INESCAPABLE is due back for one final look over after the proofer is done with it, and then I'm back to writing. It's been an intense couple of weeks here, but it's no bad thing because I'm learning all the time. RAMPANT is due out at the end of March, and INESCAPABLE is out next week.

Ooh, in a bit of unrelated publication news, ALONG FOR THE RIDE is now available in print in the UK and Germany.

Right now I'm planning on collapsing on the sofa, watching some DVDs and having an evening off. I think I've earned it!

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