Monday, November 16, 2009

Progress report

Too cute!

No, no, it’s not an indication of my state of mind, although it’s a fair representation of how I felt waking up this morning. ;) I spent the weekend proofing and editing INESCAPABLE. Last night my brain was vibrating and my eyes were crossing. This is when I realise how much work my left eye does for them both. ;}

The book has now gone back to my editor. I’m taking the rest of today off (yay!) before moving on to the next proof tomorrow. Hopefully some mindless shopping and tidying in the house will help as I try to push one lot of characters out of my thoughts to make room for the rest. It can get pretty crowded in there!

I always underestimate the editing/proofing stages. My brain thinks: “it’s just reading, it’ll be quicker and easier than writing.” Um, no, stupid brain. Once I begin the process I’m totally locked in, going back and forth over what I've read and what I know lies ahead, double checking everything. I expect the intensity of this stage is the same for many authors. Tweaking and polishing. Fretting. I work on the basis that things can always be improved, and sometimes that means it’s hard to let go, to decide when it’s done. Noticed I said done and not finished...

I have 9 days until the RAMPANT Author Alteration pages need to be completed. It's 410 pages, so I’m going to try to do around 100 pages a day and take it a bit slower. I’m getting there, and there are plans to go out and have lots of fun at the end of this busy stint!

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