Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Industry news via Theresa Stevens

Go to Edittorrent to read industy news from the RWA conference, posted by my Red Sage editor, Theresa Stevens. (If you don't already know Edittorrent and you're a writer who wants to learn skills from top-notch editors, this is the place to hang out!)

The news about erotic romance confirms generally held suspicions, that the readership is capped and the buying spree (as it was, with so many new lines,) is slowing down. The trade paperback news is not good, since most erotic titles come out in trade. I've whinged about this in the past and the expense of the books. I know there is a returns issue with MM, but as a writer who is almost always in trade I can't help but wonder if my work would reach more people in smaller, cheaper mass market versions. Well, thank god for ebooks, ay..


Nikki Magennis said...

Mm, interesting news, Saskia! Thanks for posting.

My spamword is 'releb' - I take it that is celebrity rehab?

Saskia Walker said...

releb - love it! :)

It is interesting, isn't it. I was wondering what the BL authors might think of the TP issue. I must admit I bought more BL books when they were mass market size, but in general I'm moving to ebooks because it's easier for me, in lots of ways.

Nikki Magennis said...

I liked the Trade size, myself. It's really hard to say if there's any difference to sales, though. It's the same price, isn't it, so ... does it come down to just a bookshelf logistics issue?!

Anyway, yes, I suppose ebooks are the way forward. Although I don't want to read them until I get a kindlish type reader and I can't afford one.

But I *did* just read somethign about how 40% of all books printed end up pulped - the waste is sickening, idiotic and insane.

I like POD. Yes, I'll stick with that one!

Saskia Walker said...

POD is wonderful! The best of all worlds.