Monday, November 19, 2007


Anthology buddy, Sasha White, mailed me last week to let me know that DOUBLE DARE was at number one in the erotica charts at Barnes and Noble online. It's still there as I type, and I’ve seen it as high as number 153 in the overall chart during the last few weeks. Exciting, fun, and motivational stuff for me, but why it’s especially interesting is that it's been high in the charts since it went to bargain price status. These are the remaining copies at reduced price. What strikes me about it is I wonder how many more copies my novels would sell, in general, if the books were printed in cheaper mass market...curious making, yes?

Personally, as reader, I mostly go for a MMP book over a Trade Paperback because it means I can afford more books, and I'm more willing to take a risk if it's a new-to-me author. Alas, I seem fated to have my work in the more expensive TP, at least for the time being. Erotic titles are traditionally printed in TP, and because I was an early author at Juno Books my fantasy work there also came out in TP, although the line went over to MMP afterward. :-( I'd love to see something of mine in mass-market paperback one day. I guess I’ll have to add it to my "to do/dreamer" list ;-)

Anyway, if you're a reader in the US and you haven't yet given DOUBLE DARE a go, now's your chance to get it at a great price! :-)


ZaZa said...

Well, trade paper is supposed to be something good, something a better more special than mass market. Unfortunately, most voracious readers prefer mass market for the reasons you cite. But, still, trade is something most writers only aspire to. ;+)

Saskia Walker said...

I hope I didn't sound ungrateful. Believe me, every publication, every contract, every "yes please," and even "not this time but please try us again," is celebrated and treasured around here. It's just that when your work does get into print you hope that it reaches as many readers as possible and part of that is about cost. If I had my way, the cost of ebooks would be cut back too, but that's another story. My logic is make it cheaper, sell more, entertain more readers.