Monday, June 29, 2009

New free read: download a PDF version of THE STRANGELING

There are still a few print copies of my Juno Books novel, THE STRANGELING, available but if you’d like to read it online (for nowt!) you can now do so by clicking on the book cover below. The PDF will open on your screen and you can either read it online, save it to your own computer, or print it out. The novel is around 50,000 words long.

Please note: THE STRANGELING is a fantasy romance with some erotic content. It is not erotica, nor it is Urban Fantasy. :-) It is a magical tale set in an ancient world where pagan magic, romance, and eroticism intertwine. Still interested? Not sure? :-) You can read reviews and an excerpt by going here.

If you decide to give it a go, I hope you enjoy the read. If you don't -- hey, it was for free! If you do, please tell your friends! :-) You might also enjoy my forthcoming Harlequin Spice novel, RAMPANT, and UNVEILING THE SORCERESS, which is currently available. Just click on the titles to find out more about them. Meanwhile, here's the cover copy from THE STRANGELING.

One woman alone holds the power to undo the hundred-year-old curse of an invincible army of dead men who wait to prey upon the living. Maerose, a beautiful, resilient maiden must drive back the evil spirits by mating with a man of faith on the dark night of Samhain at the very gates of the underworld. Her dormant magic can only be unleashed by willing submission to her predestined lover...but a mad man aligned with the demonic forces of the underworld threatens to possess her in his place.

Click on the cover for the PDF.


Chris Howard said...

Awesome! Strangeling is the Juno title I picked off the shelf and read when deciding where to sub Seaborn. Love it!


Susan Rix said...

Thanks for this, Saskia. I'm looking forward to a reading-fest when I've finished current wip (so nearly there). ~ Sue ~ xx

Saskia Walker said...

Chris, you're a charmer. Thank you so much for the lovely compliment.

Fingers crossed you enjoy it, Sue. My writing has improved in leaps and bounds since I wrote it, but I still love the story. It feels good to set it free.