Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Contest winners

Thanks to everyone who entered the recent contests!

First up, the DOUBLE DARE giveaway. I asked the Man of the House to shout out a number between 1 and 12. The winner is lucky number 3. Blackroze, I’ll be in touch via email soon for your postal address!

In the multi-format contest:

Contest 1 - the winner is jshackleton
Contest 2 - the winner is lucypin72
Contest 3 - the winner is velvamp

I'll be emailing you all today!

Here are the answers:

Contest 1

1. In CAUGHT IN THE ACT whose desk does Liam seduce Chrissie on? Answer: Theresa’s desk.
2. In STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT what sex toy does Patrice keep in her wardrobe? Answer: A strap-on.
3. In HOT ON HER TAIL where does Col take Lara for the night? Answer: A B&B

Contest 2

1. In DOUBLE DARE what item does Zac buy Abby to wear to the fetish event in Paris? Answer: A corset
2. In KINK (Sex, Lies, and Bondage Tape) in what location does the final seduction take place? Answer: A gym
3. In RECKLESS on what item of furniture does Nicolas make love to Katrina in the gallery scene? Answer: A chaise longue

Contest 3

1. In RUNNING WILD what does Tomas have over his shoulder as he pursues Alexa in the forest? Answer: A rope
2. In ONE ENCHANTED NIGHT Mistress Munya gives Yasmin two objects. One is a dildo, what is the other? Answer: A bottle of oil
3. In WINNER TAKES ALL what intimate souvenir does Tina ask Shaun to give her in the closing scene? Answer: His keychain.


Anonymous said...

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saskia Walker said...

You're welcome! :) The book is on its way today and I hope you enjoy the read.