Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What's happening with me?

So, I’ve got three things I want to get done during December, work wise. Project 1 *has* to be done. It’s a partial for my next contracted novel, and it needs to be completed and polished until it’s gleaming, and on the editors desk by January 1st. Project 2 is a short novella that had to be set aside while I worked on RAMPANT, and only needs about 4K and a thorough edit for me to finish it off and submit it. Project 3 is a 30K novella idea that was discussed with one of my editors (at the RWA conference in San Francisco) and doesn’t have to be in any time in particular.

Can you guess which one I’m working on right now? Yes, that’s right, project 3. You’d think the logical thing to do would be, 2, 1, and then 3. But, no. Hmm. I’m going where I’m pulled most, but I think another two days will have the proposal and partial for 3 out of the door, then I can polish off project 2, and still have three weeks for project 1. Let's hope it works, ay! The only problem is Christmas is in the way! Yes, I’m kidding…. :-)

I can’t complain, the last few months have been good to me, writing wise, and since RAMPANT went in I've turned around a short story that was returned (cancelled antho) and got it back out the door again. The first six months of 2008 weren’t as productive as they could have been (mostly I blame the excitement over the upcoming RWA conference ;-) and I’m determined to make up for that.

Not much news to report otherwise. We’re experiencing ice, snow, sleet, rain, sun, cloud, and fog all in one day here at the mo, so it’s batten-down-the-hatches time. I’ve done a bunch of my Christmas post, I just have to work out how and when to get it all to the post office (still in the cast, and cast +ice = brand new disaster.) Life is generally happy though and to top it all ITV4 is running all the CONAN movies over again YAY! :o) Yes, I'm easily pleased. Must be the ker-zillionth time I’ve watched them, but I’m still having the time of my life. ;-))

Hope you’re all keeping well and warm. If not, snuggle up and make it so!

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