Sunday, November 30, 2008

Reading round up

I've read some terrific books recently so I thought I'd post some comments. Not reviews as such, and I only post about books I enjoy so be prepared for lots of gushing, I loved these. :)

DARK NEEDS AT NIGHT’S EDGE, Kresley Cole. I think I got this book in my RWA goodie bag, I came back from SF with it, at any rate. I’d been wondering why publishers give these books away, and why they select the ones they do. After having read this one I know – it’s so that you have to go out and buy the rest of the series! This is a superb paranormal romance and I loved every moment of it. Powerful, movie-like, and deftly handled in every way, I was in awe of Ms Cole.

This is the story of a ballerina ghost from the early 1900s, and a vampire warrior who is close to madness.He is locked up in her haunted house for his own safety. Conflict and sparring abound! I’ll definitely be buying the rest of this series, a good move on behalf of the publisher there, ay.

UNDERCOVER, Lauren Dane. I was lucky to receive an ARC for this one and I can confirm that if you are a fan of erotic romance ménage stories you simply have to rush out and get this book. (on shelves this week!) Lauren Dane writes about passionate adults who are strong, believable characters – characters who come with baggage, (just like people in real life, imagine that! :) and that’s incredibly hard to do well, but it makes for powerful reading when Lauren does it.

This story is set in a future world -- although I have to say it’s very accessible on that front, so definitely give this one a try even if you don’t usually read futuristics. Our heroine is thrown together on an undercover mission with her ex, and his fellow commanding officer. She has to play concubine to one or both of these gorgeous men. Oh my, the conflict! We start out with the heroine flooring her ex, so you know you are going to get heaps of erotic tension and oodles of conflict here! This is a powerful, convincing BDSM ménage romance, not to be missed.

WILDWOOD, by Janine Ashbless. I’ve been meaning to read Janine Ashbless for quite a while. A Black lace author who writes erotic fantasy, it seemed like I was bound to enjoy it, and I did. What nudged me again was a negative review for this book from an online review site. I’d often wondered if anyone bought books because they’d read a negative review and I proved it to myself because I did! Something about the review told me that I would love this book even though the reviewer hated it. Kind of enlightening, huh. And I was right.

This story had all the best ingredients for me and at the end I was saying “no, no, I want to know what happens next!” An ending that truly was a beginning, I hope there is a sequel!! As a diehard Storm Constantine fan I know I loved Wildwood because it had elements that I might find in a Constantine fantasy, but it was written in such a way as to be closer to the real world, and much more eroticised. Very accessible British erotic fantasy, and I loved it.

The story is about a landscape gardener who comes into contact with two men who are battling over a beautiful and magical woodland, and the secret at its heart. Filled with exceptional magic and mythology, and wonderfully written, I would call this one an adult fairytale. There are definitely some questionable pervy goings-on, and some nigh on horror elements, but in the adult fairytale/fantasy context it worked for me. A much enjoyed read and I think I will have to “glom” Janine Ashbless (got to use a word I never used before, yay!)

CHANCE OF A LIFETIME, Portia Da Costa. Everybody knows I love Portia’s work. As soon as I begin reading one of her stories I’m as good as addicted through to the end. It’s always fun, passionate, and intense romantic erotica. What gets ahold of me above all is the down-to-earth and humorous nature of her characters, no matter what the setting.

Chance of a lifetime is a Spice Brief (the first of five Spice Briefs from Portia!) and it's perfect for a lunchtime read or a special treat. It’s exceptionally naughty! Portia has combined a wonderfully quirky British Marquis and his crumbling manor with pervy goings-on, and she makes it delightful reading through her adorable characters. This one has been at the top of the Fictionwise erotica charts, and also shot up the charts at Eharlequin. A must read when you fancy some raunchy shenanigans in a creaky old British manor house!

BROKEN, Megan Hart. I confess I had to take a break from reading this one, about four chapters in. Not because it was bad – because it was too bloody good! Sexy and romantic, and yet filled with heart crushing pain and anguish, this wasn’t an easy read for me, but only in the way that I cried my eyes out over MILL ON THE FLOSS and loved it so much I had to read it over again immediately. Literary, heart-wrenching and memorable.

The protagonist has a disabled husband and I found that angle incredibly moving. Megan Hart is an exceptional writer, she turned a difficult subject into something believable that draws on our deepest emotions. Megan Hart has a huge career opening out in front of her, she's a superb writer.

So what’s next in my reading pile? I have THE NEW RAKES by Nikki Magennis. Nikki’s debut novel, CIRCUS EXCITE, was a terrific read, and I’ve been longing for her to write another. I’m also going to get hold of the audio book for Victoria Janssen’s THE DUCHESS, HER MAID, THE GROOM, AND THEIR LOVER. I tend to listen to audio books while I’m doing boring chores like washing up and tidying, and it’s great to see more erotic books coming out in audio format at affordable prices. I have enjoyed Victoria’s short stories, and I’ll be downloading her debut full-length novel next week for several rounds of sexy listening pleasure! (that might help with the housekeeping that needs done around here, ay? LOL!) Can’t wait!


Wendy said...

Wasn't Broken just an amazing read? It's a toss up between that one and Dirty for my favorite Megan Hart book to date....although her upcoming Spice, Stranger, looks equally as delectable.

I have Portia's Spice Brief loaded on my Sony Reader. I'll likely read it during my upcoming Christmas travels.

I just landed a copy of Victoria Janssen's book. Looking forward to starting it! Gosh, I'm so behind on my reading. It's shameful.

Nikki Magennis said...

I really enjoyed 'Dirty' by Megan Hart - a very refreshing and skilfully written book.

And I second you on Janine's work - 'Dark Enchantment' is very high on my wishlist!

(Fingers crossed, I hope you enjoy The New Rakes, Saskia!)

Lauren Dane said...

Megan is an amazing writer, I've yet to read something she's written that I haven't loved. But of her Spice books (and I'm lucky enough to have read Stranger, Deeper and Switch too)Broken is up at the top.

Thanks for the lovely words! Glad you enjoyed Undercover.

Saskia Walker said...

Hey Wendy! I've gone all shy now, it didn't occur to me that proper reviewers would stop by and read my gushing LOL I agree, STRANGER sounds very tempting. Make sure you have your man handy when you read Portia's SB. :)

Nikki, I know for sure I'll enjoy THE NEW RAKES. Oh, and I just saw your book trailer, so adorably sexy!

Lauren, UNDERCOVER was a treat and a half! I consumed it in one day, the erotic tension was so high between those three I was practically begging for them to get it on. :-))

Janine Ashbless said...

Thank you for the lovely review of Wildwood Saskia!

I'm going to have to go find that nasty one now...

Janine Ashbless said...

Ooh yeah. It was BAD, wasn't it? She hated Wildwood with a passion!

Maybe I'll have the pleasure of reviewing one of her books one day.

Thanks for reading and making up your own mind after that, Saskia.

Saskia Walker said...

Hi Janine! Ach, I'm sorry I brought the negative review to your attention. It certainly did get you a new and eager customer. :) I hope you're busy writing the sequel. I shall plague you about it! :)