Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Christmas presents for my readers!

Okay folks, here it is, a Christmas giveaway for my readers. First of all, what's up for grabs? There are three bundles of love to win as rewards for leaving a comment!

Bundle number 1: the contemporary love bundle!

DOUBLE DARE, my first erotic romance novel from Berkley Heat.
SECRETS VOLUME 12, 4 varied erotic romance novellas from Red sage, includes my contemporary novella “Summer Lightning."
A IS FOR AMOUR a Cleis Press anthology edited by Alison Tyler. This one includes my short story “Arran’s Lure.”

Bundle number 2: the lesbian/bi love bundle!

STOLEN MOMENTS, a Bold Strokes books lesbian anthology edited by Radclyffe and Stacia Seaman. This collection includes my story “The Lunch Break.”
E IS FOR EXOTIC, a Cleis Press anthology edited by Alison Tyler. This one includes my bi/ménage short story “The Things That Go On at Siesta Time.”
AGAINST THE GRAIN, an out-of-print EAA (Erotic Authors Association) Signature Series print edition of my bi futuristic novella.

Bundle number 3: the kinky/ménage love bundle!

KINK, a duet anthology from Berkley Heat with a story from Sasha White and “Sex, Lies and Bondage Tape,” from me.
K IS FOR KINKY, a Cleis Press anthology edited by Alison Tyler. This one includes my short story “Sign Your Name.”
ALONG FOR THE RIDE, my first novel, a print edition from Total-E-Bound.

Please note: If a winner already has one of the books in the bundle they win, they will be given the chance to select something else from my backlist, (so long as I have a copy of it on the shelf.)

So, what do you have to do? Anyone can enter. Just leave me a comment on this post. If you've read my work, let me know which titles you’ve read. If you’re new to me, check out the excerpts and free reads via the bookshelf on my website and tell me if something in particular appealed to you there. At the end of your comment, state which bundle you’d like to win if your name is drawn.

The sort of thing I would like to find out, *for example,* is if readers first read my work in the SECRETS collections, or the Cleis Press anthologies, or the Black lace anthologies? Was it in ebooks or print? Do you prefer reading my contemporary erotic romance, my erotic shorts, or my paranormal/fantasy stories? Short stories, or novels, or both? Any reader feedback is useful as I plan ahead for the next projects I will be working on.

Don't forget to say which bundle of love you'd choose if you are the winner, at the end of your comment. You can find excerpts and reviews of the novels and novellas listed as prizes by clicking the links above, if you need help to choose. :) I’ll have my Real Life Hero draw the winners on Christmas Eve, so post your comment before then to be in for a chance to win.


Katharina said...

YEHAA. What do I enjoy in your books? Most certainly good characters and hot love scenes, though - to date - I've only read your contemporaries. I am not much of a paranormal/fantasy stuff girl but I do enjoy a bit of kink in my readings. To date my two favourite books from your backlist are Along For the Ride (read it back in the L-ID version, not sure if it has changed in the meantime) and of course Double Dare. The latter is a must re-read at least once a year ;-) I rarely read anotholgies, but I would sure read yours should I stumble upon a copy. If I win, I would like to choose bundle #3, by the way. Keep on going, I love your stuff!

Saskia Walker said...

Hey Katharina, thanks for posting and for your encouragament. That's much appreciated! The ALONG FOR THE RIDE that is now in print isn't very different to the original release that you read, it just had a re-edit for the UK publisher. I'm so glad you liked DOUBLE DARE. I have a new contemporary novel in the works called INESCAPABLE. I'm currently scheduled to complete it Jan-March, and I hope to have more news on where and when it will be published soon. :)

Katharina said...

New contemporaries are always appreciated ;-). I forgot to mention, I also enjoyed Reckless very much, I reviewed an ecopy of it for a German romance journal when it was newly released. But Double Dare is still my favourite, it's like Emma Holly has returned to her first genre *g*.

Saskia Walker said...

Katharina, you must be the Love Letters reviewer! Kris kindly called by to meet me at a book signing at the RWA conference, and she sent me the issue. Thank you! I got to exercise my very rusty German, and there were many smiles as I staggered my way through it. ;-) I'm so pleased to say hello here. Thank you for calling by!

Katharina said...

Aye, that would be me :-) Kris told me about meeting you.

sonya said...

Double Dare was my first & will probably always be a favorite. I've also read some of your short stories & love your work. I enjoy contemporaries so I would be thrilled to win Bundle #1.

Saskia Walker said...

Sonya, thank you! This feedback is so helpful to my planning.

Gina G said...

The first book that I picked up was Kink. Wow that was hot. Didn't really know what to think. I loved it. I got done reading it and told everyone that would listen about it. I then a google search to find you and see what other books you had done. I went to Barnes & Noble and bought Double Dare but had to order Reckless because they were sold out. I found myself so involved with reading the books at night that it would be 2am and I would have to force myself to go to bed. I shared all my books with friends. As I read the books I would see the story in my head. More often then not. I would have a dream about the story that night. I have even told my family that your books are all I want for christmas. If choosen I would want Bundle 1. I can't wait to read more.

Jane said...

Hi Saskia,
I haven't read your books yet. I find your novellas for Spice Brief very appealing. Do you have plans to write more of them? I've also heard many great things about "Reckless," so I'm looking forward to reading that as well. I would love to win Bundle number 1.

Pat said...

I love your books they take me to place I can't go to any more.I liek the way your girls differant things that I wouldn't do but would dream of doing.I have Kink but only started reading it. I would love bundle #3

Amy S. said...

Please enter me in the contest! Love your books!

buddyt said...

Hi Saskia,

I know I have read one of your books but for the life of me I can't remember the title at the moment.
I had a look on the bookshelf on your site but nothing rang a bell.
Will have to check when I get home.

Anyway Double Dare sound quite interesting according to the short reviews.

I prefer contemporary novels, so please enter me for that bundle.



Caffey said...

Hi Saskia!!! Merry Christmas to you too! Gosh, hasn't this year gone fast! I know we say that often but its so true especially when we are so busy around this time! I'd love to play for bundle #3!!

I've enjoyed UNVEILING THE SORCERESS and THE STRANGELING! I do hope you do again go into the fantasy genre, even the hot erotic reads! Do you have plans for more like this? But my first read from you was the story in your SECRETS! I had gotten that before I was on the internet and didn't even know how to find more books of yours or if you had any out then. Its so great now to easily follow your releases (and bug you for more). I do want to read more of your stories in your anthologies! I have RESTLESS that is getting restless for me to read it soon!

Saskia Walker said...

Gina, having a reader say they can see the story is the best news! Thank you. Thanks to everyone who has posted so far, for all the feedback and the thoughts, this is so helpful. I’ll try to keep up with any questions raised.

Jane, yes, I probably will give the Spice Briefs line another shot later next year. I’m writing for the Spice print line at the moment, but I love the length of the Briefs. It’s a challenge to get all the elements of a good novella in there, but I like the challenge. :)

Caffey, yes I'd love to write more in that genre! Juno Books moved towards Urban Fantasy, and that’s not something I’ve tried, but I would like to write more romantic fantasy in the future. In the meantime I’m hoping readers who enjoyed my fantasy work will give my forthcoming Spice novels a go, they will have lots of magic, eroticism, and romance, but are set in the everyday world.

Don’t forget to state which bundle you’re hoping for, if you post!

Anonymous said...

Hi I just read some of your excerpts I love Menage and yours sounds so wild. I would love to win your bundle three to add to my collection.
Thank you Trinity Blacio

LadyVampire2u said...

I was lucky enough to get your book Reckless and I simply love it. You just really have a way with words and I really enjoy how you portray your characters. So I'd definitely love to win more books by you. Preferably the Bundle 1 contemporary books. Thanks for entering me and Happy Holidays to you.

Dianna F said...

I have not yet had the pleasure of reading one of your books, but would love to be able to. Am adding your name to my Need to be Purchased list. With my new job and work schedule it is hard to find time to read as much as I would like. Thank You for this contest

tigger9 said...

I would like to be entered for Bundle #3. I haven't gotten to read any of your books. I am new to you, but your work sounds very good, and somehting that I will enjoy.

Ember said...

So many great books in those bundles! I thought I'd read most of your books, but I don't think I've read anything in the second bundle. More books on my wish list!

tetewa said...

I enjoyed the signed copy of Along for the Ride you sent me! I would love to get either bundle 1 or 2! I enjoy HOT READS and also like reading anthologies.

Meljprincess said...

Hello Saskia,
I love the Black Lace anthologies. I have a few but not SEX AND COOKING so I'm going to look for that one. I've never read any stories by you but I recently won several books from the Writeminded blog. Much to my delight they sent me DOUBLE DARE! If my name is drawn I'd like to win
Bundle number 3: the kinky/ménage love bundle. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Mel K.
Meljprincess AT aol DOT com

Anonymous said...

I read your story Reckless and I really enjoyed it. I am a painter so the premise for the story was interesting to me. It was a steamy read and I really liked Sergio.
I like the contemporadry erotic books you write the best.
I would like Bundle #1 if I win.
Happy holidays

Gina said...

So I just read a little from Along for the Ride and I would really like to change my mind on which bundle I would like if I am choosen as a winner. I would really like Bundle 3. I really want to read more. I want to see where this goes.

TamiC said...

Ohhh Saskia I am ashamed to say that I haven't read any of your work. :( So if I could win any bundle of yours that would be amazing!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Saskia,

I have to admit I haven't read any of your books but I would love too.

I would love to win either bundle #1 or bundle #3.


Terri W.

ddurance said...

I haven't read any of your books Saskia, though they all look wonderful.

I'm going with bundle #2 because my chances look better, but they all look great. They're are going to be some lucky winners, that's for sure. LOL


mrstcao said...

Happy Holidays. This is my first visit to your site and what fun to have a contest!! I would love to win bundle #1, but any bundle of your books would be a great present. I just finished KINK and loved it. I was looking for books by Sasha White and found you too. I can't wait to read more of your books and love the fact that you are constantly giving us readers new material. I'm going to go do some "free reading" (thanks for that too...I love free reads on the internet!). I agree with Katharina..."Keep on going, I love your stuff"!

lindseye said...

I can't believe I have not read any of your books. I must have one or two on my TBR pile and I had planned to purchase your books at Total-E-Bound. I am buying more and more ebooks because I like having instant access to the story and I have a Sony ereader. I read any length of story but dislike paying for less than 20 pages. I like contemp and paranormal and always with kink. Menage is good as well as staight m/f. I would like bundle #3.

Saskia Walker said...

Wow, thanks to everyone for the great feedback! Hearing what readers like and what works for you guys is so helpful.

Mrstcao, I’m so glad you enjoyed Kink! I had such fun with that couple, lots of smiles while writing their story. ;-)

Lindseye, I’m delighted that the number of ebooks I have available went up in 2008, and there will be more (varying lengths) in 2009. I’m a big fan of e-books myself and have moved almost entirely over to them, there is so much more available that way now.

Okay folks, this giveaway will stay open until Christmas morn’ dawns. Winners will be announced on Boxing Day. (26th) Thanks so much!