Sunday, November 23, 2008

The WiP, cover art, and generally being out of touch with the world

Whoa, I seem to have lost touch with the real world, *and* the virtual world. Go me. LOL!

I’m in the closing stages of working on the current project, RAMPANT, and that's to blame, in a good way. ;-) The book is due on the 1st December and I have just a couple of scenes left to write. Yay! The MS has been revised, layered, and edited. Once I have those last two scenes in, the proofing begins.

I'm nervous about submitting it (to a new-to-me editor) but eager for her feedback and revisions. I love the way it turned out, but I'm not the important one, the reader is. ;-) Relieved, too, that I coped with the length. This book is the longest thing I’ve written to date, at around 100K. I’ve passed my target in page count, and I’m closing on it in word count.

One of the fun things I've done over the past couple of weeks is complete the cover art form for this book. I was surprised to receive it so soon (the book is tentatively scheduled for April 2010) but it was excellent timing. The Harlequin cover art forms are legendary, and the Spice covers are superb, but I couldn’t quite believe the details it went into. The most comprehensive I’ve seen! But it was great fun and really made me think about the books themes, messages, and mood of the story. A good exercise!

I’ve just about been able to keep up with email and important stuff, but if I owe you a reply, I'll be catching up with all of that in a few days time. Meanwhile, here’s a favourite smile!

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