Monday, November 17, 2008

Publication day! BRITS IN TIME is now available

The BRITS IN TIME anthology is now available!

This ebook anthology is a collection of erotic romance novellas set in historical Britain. It has a fabulous line up of authors and stories right across the centuries. Read about all the stories here.

I'm delighted that my Victorian set novella, BRAZEN BEHAVIOUR, is included in this collection.


Miss Eleanor Argyle has modern aspirations for a Victorian lady. The daughter of an intrepid traveller, she's confident and rebellious. After her father's death, she refuses to be chaperoned by anyone — least of all a man she'd much rather bed. She's wanted Mr Gregory Munroe for years, but she is determined not to sacrifice her independence to get him.

Gregory Munroe is both aroused and infuriated by his charge. She's stubborn, and he can sense that she's about to try to outrun him. He thwarts her, trapping her aboard a northbound train. Eleanor is secretly thrilled, and when she subsequently decides to invite him to a brazen night of passion, he barely stops to think about her motives. Can Eleanor have him, whilst also giving him the slip?

A fiery mix of passion and rebellion inspires a chase that runs the length of Britain — but neither Eleanor nor Gregory expects to find the knowledge that waits at its end.


What was the little minx up to now? Gregory put his hands on the doorframe and stared at her when she beckoned him to her compartment. He didn’t trust himself to be alone with her, but she was far too attractive a woman to be ignored, especially with the sparkle of mischief in her eyes.

Being alone with her would be fatal.

It was practically impossible to keep himself from touching her, and he was not altogether appreciative of the affect she seemed to have on him. He had been almost overcome with the urge to lift her into his arms right there and then, standing against the wall of the corridor. She was so lush and desirable. He felt unduly intoxicated by her presence. Had his faculties entirely deserted him?

Apparently so, because he followed her in, trying to ignore the presence of her bed and the feminine items around the small compartment.

“Is this wise?” As he asked the question he noticed that her eyes were dark with desire. She was attracted to him, he could see that.

She looked at him steadily. “I’m no novice, Gregory, and where I am independent and do not need a man, I am also capable of seeking a man’s company if and when I desire it.”

There was no doubting the message in that statement. What worried him more was his reaction. He wanted to possess her, yes, but there was something darker there too. He didn’t want other men in her bed.

The tension in the atmosphere intensified and their eyes locked. The urge to kiss her pretty mouth into submission grew increasingly stronger. He moved nearer, his head lowering to close the distance between them. With one hand, he eased a few strands of hair back from her forehead. "I believe that you are a very contrary young woman and that you think you can shock and impress anyone you choose."

She flashed her eyes and raised an eyebrow at him, provocatively. There was a look of accomplishment in that smile of hers. "So you think you have me all worked out, do you. Well, we’ll see."

The challenging look in her eyes fired his loins. He drew closer still, breathing her in, his eyes on her mouth. “What I haven’t already worked out about you, I’m sure I would relish discovering.” Lord, yes, He wanted her. “Although I’m aware that I may have to keep you up until dawn, pleasuring you in every way I can, in order to learn your each and every nuance.”

Her lips parted, a soft sigh of longing escaping her.

And then his fingers were in her hair, against the back of her neck, and her head sank back, ready to take the kiss. When his mouth met hers, it sent a vital charge through him; she was softly pliant, willing and responsive. And the taste of her!

His hands went to the niche of her waist, steadying her as she wavered in his arms. She moaned softly when his hands moved higher, beneath her breasts, and she gave a barely audible cry in her throat, her eyes wide and dark with arousal. He shook his head, and smiled to himself, cynically. Fate and the sheer physical pull of desire between them was taking control of the situation.

Was there any possibility of maintaining a distance as he planned, now that he had allowed himself to succumb to her charms?

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Portia Da Costa said...

Oh, that's such an awesome excerpt! I love it, and I love the Victorian setting. It's a historical era that I find fascinating.

Must get this one! :)