Thursday, November 27, 2008

The book is done!

RAMPANT is done! Oh my! I can hardly believe it. I’ve got one last proof to do and edits and tweaks, but otherwise it will be off my desk soon. Then comes the nervous wait for my editor’s feedback. My good pal Portia Da Costa has been an angel and is reading it for me. She's already given me some amazing feedback, comments that put a stupid happy grin on my face. There’s hope! Very encouraging from someone as widely published and prolific as Portia.

RAMPANT has been an incredible book to write. I’ve loved the story and the characters. I’ve learnt so much and pushed myself hard, challenging myself to become a stronger writer in every way. This was a big jump for me. I’ll be on hooks until I hear back from the editor, but Portia's comments have at least made me hopeful that it’s not a big pile of cr@p. LOL!

In between times I've also made a couple of new short story sales. Rachel Kramer Bussel has signed my short "The Lunch Break" for her forthcoming Cleis Press anthology, DO NOT DISTURB, Hotel Sex Stories. Yay! I've also sold a slightly longer short story to Total-E-Bound. That one is called "Running Wild" and it will be coming out as a Lust Bite in February.

So what's up for me next, work wise? Well, um, I have to clean the house. LOL! Apart from the usual post-book "my house looks like a bomb has hit it" realisation, I have a busy writing time ahead. I have a couple of shorts to finish and sub, and then I'll be working on a new partial. December will be busy, but not so much intensely working on one project. It'll make a nice change before I’m back into that next year. Can't believe 2009 is so close!

Thanks to those visitors who kept calling round here even while I’ve not been a regular poster. I promise it will get better now. I appreciate your visits! I’m also thinking of joining Twitter. It seems to be a fun way to update from time to time.

Okay folks, if you’re celebrating Thanksgiving – have a superb day!


Nikki Magennis said...

Oh, well done Saskia! I bet Rampant is amazing!

Better be sure to treat yourself to a big glass of vino ... actually, maybe a bottle of fizz?

Saskia Walker said...

Thank you, Nikki! Rest assured there will be plenty of wine consumed this weekend. ;-) I've also got The New Rakes lined up as a reading reward, can't wait to get stuck in!

Portia Da Costa said...

Rampant is awesome, mate! It's a genuine priviledge to get to read it before everyone else does, I tell you! :)

Readers are in for a very special treat when the book comes out. I predict a huge hit!

Saskia Walker said...

You just like seeing me with a stupid grin, don't you! ;-) Thank you so much, pal! I'm so pleased you think it has potential! I just want to write good stories that entertain and I'm constantly striving for that. Your positive feedback means the world.

raine said...

Geez, Saskia, can't you find anything to do with your time? ;)

Congrats on finishing, lol.

Saskia Walker said...

Hi Raine! LOL! I can find plenty to do to avoid the housework, that's for sure ;)