Tuesday, June 03, 2008

This is fun, but rather odd…

This crept up on my Google alerts yesterday, and I was amazed!

RECKLESS is due out in just over 3 weeks, and last night it was number one on the "world > fiction > Spain" hot future releases list at Amazon UK, and it was in the top 50 of "world > fiction > Spain" bestsellers list.

Now, I’m assuming that the readers who buy "world > fiction > Spain" are wanting to read stories set in Spain, not just stories that are actually in Spanish. Let's hope so! If not, there's trouble ahead for the people who categorise the books! :) I was surprised, but then we Brits do love Spain. I know I do. Hence the book. But it was an odd little occurrence to see it there.

If you are a reader and you are looking forward to the setting, I hope you enjoy! I love Catalonia, just love it. Three of the chapters are set in the city of Barcelona -- one of my favourite cities in the world -- and the majority of the book is set in a village/ villa in the countryside. Lots of local flavour.

Proper news coming soon.

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