Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blogging, and I

I haven’t blogged in a while and I always feel guilty about that, even though I think all my visitors know by now that I’m not all that big on blogging. ;-) Coincidentally I was reading Cecilia Tan’s livejournal and she mentioned she was on a couple of panels at Wiscon. The subject of one of them was blogging. This made me chuckle:

Time To Put Down The Laptop?

Everyone and her sister/brother/dog seems to be blogging these days. Do you find blogging a waste of creative energy and a bane to more polished fiction? Does talking about your process keep you from engaging in it? Counting your words rather than crafting them? Or do you think this is a false economy of scarcity? Does blogging actually help you write more, better, faster, better-crafted? If so, how?

Interesting to see a discussion panel with those questions, isn’t it? I'd love to know which way the majority of writer-bloggers think they veer.

I have to say I don’t believe blogging has ever made me write faster or better -- sometimes reading other people’s blogs has, though, when I learn something new from their experience. Neither have I become addicted to blogging, or feel it takes precedence over my fiction. That’s mainly because I'm not a great blogger. :o) I can see how it could be all those things to someone, and I enjoy reading blogs where the writers are on a real roll with it. For me, it’s not that kind of pastime. At the root of it is the simple fact that I’d rather be writing fiction. However, I do enjoy having it as an extra news channel, a place to chat about things on my mind if the need comes up, and have a bit of fun, post my news or share a smile.

.So, what have I been up to? House stuff, garden stuff (the sun did shine for a few days there,) html, preparing for RWA, reading, going out, sorting promo for RECKLESS, and most importantly I’ve been writing across three stories! Yay! :) Going good there. I have a couple of days away from the desk coming up (writer meetings, fun and exciting stuff!) so I’ve been “making time” as dear old Withnail would say.

Oh, I do want to post here soon about two fabulous books I’ve read, as well as what I've been working on myself. Right now I have to get a shift on. I’m meeting with Wendy/Portia and Rosemary Laurey tomorrow and I’m very excited that I’ll be in such great author company! I may make a fool of myself and dribble my coffee while grinning at them both in awe, but let's hope not.

More from me asap. Hope you’re all having a great week!

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Cynthia Eden said...

Ah, Saskia, how can you leave me in suspense? I'd love to know more about the stories you've been working on lately!