Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What have I been up to?

This past week has gone by in a whirl, mostly because I’ve had two wonderful writer meetings to attend. The first was with Wendy/Portia and Rosemary Laurey. Rosemary was over in England visiting family and broke her travels to meet. The day went by in a flash. Rosemary is so bright and funny and has such wide knowledge on the industry, we lapped up all the chuckles and chatter. Then on Saturday I met with Wendy and Madelynne, in order to discuss our forthcoming RWA conference trip – which is in less than 2 months now! Another fabulous day with lots of laughs, as well as serious chatter about the industry and the logistics of the trip itself.

Having two meetings so close together was probably good practise for my first writer’s conference. I was meant to go on to hear my dear old friend Matt play live, but, alas, (waaah!) I had to give it a miss. :( Things are just crazy busy right now.

In other news, subbed a new short story today (fingers crossed!) and I'm making slow but steady progress overall. Cynthia asked what I was working on at the moment. I've got two novels on the go. RAMPANT (an erotic paranormal, first draft blurb and excerpt via the link) and INESCAPABLE (an erotic contemporary romance.) I’ve been working mostly on INESCAPABLE this past couple of weeks, absolutely loving the dynamic between the three main characters (not a ménage, something slightly different -- I'll get a page and an excerpt up on my site soon for that one, too.) I’ve also got a couple of shorts on the go, as usual.

I’ve got a blog post half done about writing series stories. I wanted to say something about it since I've just done my first (short) series. I’ve got a recommended reading post to go up, too. The promised new website is also on the way, just some final decisions on button labelling to be made. ;)

Hope you’re having a great week!

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Cynthia Eden said...

Rampant sounds great, Saskia!!