Friday, May 16, 2008

My week

It's been a good week here! I've been moving forward with the new MS, INESCAPABLE, (totally immersed now and loving it,) and I have a short story ticking over as well. And the sun has been out, which is the best news of all!

There's also lots going on to do with the RWA conference in July, and especially fun is that the dinner and party event invitations are arriving and my schedule is filling up fast. The whole event is going to go so quickly, but I'm determined to enjoy every moment! The only downer is that Mark isn’t coming too, and we've both been feeling that with the events being timetabled. He’s been such an important part of my career I'm seriously gutted he can't be there with me to “schmooze with authors” (as he would say. ;-) Our budget just wouldn’t stretch for another flight ticket to SF. We're determined that we'll go over together next year, though, whether to RT or RWA.

It's only 6 weeks or so until RECKLESS is published and reviews have started to come in over the last few days. It's always an exciting and nerve-wracking time in the run up to a novel coming out, and this is no exception. With every novel I write I set myself new challenges, and with RECKLESS I tried to achieve several things I'd never done before. My editor called it "a wonderfully compelling read," but I'm still very nervous about this stage. I'll post some of the comments I’ve had over the weekend.

Friday is date night around here and I've got a heap to do before then, so.. gotta dash. More news and chat over the weekend. I'm behind on stuff like email and Myspace so, if I owe you, I’ll get there soon. I'll leave you with this piccie because it made me chuckle. For some reason it made me think of certain times negotiating our way through this curious life… ;o)

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