Sunday, May 18, 2008

First reviews for RECKLESS!

Here's are some snippets from the first reviews for RECKLESS:

What started out as the opportunity of her career turned into a surreal nightmare. Katrina Hammond helps people sell their art collections. When a handsome Spanish collector asks for her to help catalog and sell his families collection, she can’t resist. And who would want to? This is her chance to show her employer what she’s made of, as well as her coworker and ex-fiancĂ©, Henry. Besides, Sergio is hot!

What looked like a textbook assignment quickly became cloudy with lies and deceit. Why wouldn’t Sergio get the proper paperwork signed by his father? Wasn’t Sergio a little volatile and unpredictable when asked certain questions? Enter Nicolas, the devastatingly gorgeous, and according to Sergio disowned, younger brother. He hasn’t spoken to his father in two years. Why is he now shadowing Katrina’s every move?

This was a really intriguing mystery. I had clues as to what was going on, but certainly *didn’t expect what the author revealed at the end*. The relationship developed at a steady pace, and the sex was steamy. Definitely a good read to invest your time in. Reviewed by Chris for Night Owl Romance.

The line I've highlighted acutally made me whoop aloud and beam from ear to ear! The mystery element was a big part of the challenge I set myself and I was delighted with that response. The reviewer at Just Erotic Romance Reviews, on the other hand, had a very mixed response. She said she was "disgusted" by my reckless heroine, (not good,) but then later goes on to say some very positive things:

Then the mystery started unfolding, the plot thickened, our heroine blossomed, and the confusion over which brother was the hero and which was the villain made the story exquisitely interesting. The book was enjoyable, the tension high, and I found myself really caring about the characters, including and especially Katrina. The sex is tortuously tender and the hero very in control of making certain the heroine enjoyed every second, which made reading the scenes a steamy experience. Karen Haas, for JERR

And finally, from Coffee Time Romance:

Reckless is a thrilling read that keeps the reader engaged. Katrina, Nicolas, and Sergio heat the pages like a match burning every page. The world that the three share is fascinating. I loved the setting and atmosphere especially when Katrina gets to the country home. Saskia Walker creates passionate characters that almost grab the reader and pulls them inside the pages. With a great plot, she weaves a tale that is hard to put down. The way she molds the characters into the storyline is cleverly done and the secondary characters add great finesse to the theme of the story, making it a superb read. Cherokee, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

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