Saturday, May 10, 2008

Apparently I have a kindle book

We’re home, and we had a terrific short break in York! We visited the gardens and the art gallery, and we had lots of good food and good wine. Oh, and we shopped :) The weather was glorious, which is always a bonus. We came back feeling refreshed, and I'm fired up about my writing. I’m working on my novel length called INESCAPABLE, and enjoying it immensely. More about that soon.

It’s amazing how much email 48 hours can accumulate, though. I’m still playing catch up. I had an interesting google alert -- apparently I have a kindle title! My futuristic novella, AGAINST THE GRAIN, is listed. There’s been a lot of talk about Kindle so it was fun to see something of mine listed there.

In reading news, I’ve just finished up Jina Bacarr's NAUGHTY PARIS, an exciting erotic romance time travel set in the Impressionist period of art history. Jina's writing style is dynamic and vivid, and I enjoyed the novel immensely. While I was away Cynthia Eden's HOTTER AFTER MIDNIGHT arrived, and I can’t wait to get stuck into this one. Cynthia is a fellow Red Sage author and a terrific storyteller. I’ve been anticipating this title for some time. (rubs hands in glee! :)

I hope you’re doing okay and enjoying summery weather, as we are here.


Frances said...

Congratulations on the Kindle listing. If you like botanical gardens, check out some of the links over on my blog.

Let me know about the gardens that you have found that you think are terrific.

Saskia Walker said...

Hi Frances! Thanks so much for calling by. The gardens we visited in York are right in the centre of the city, and a lovely spot to have a break from the sights or shopping.

Here's an info link:

and there are some pictures here: