Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Unveiling the Sorceress - interesting new review!

I was absolutely delighted to find this thoughtful review and analysis of UNVEILING THE SORCERESS, from Shara Saunsaucie. Here's a little snippet:

The book is just a very enjoyable read. I loved the emotional depth to the characters, particularly Elishiba, who is a very solid heroine. The is pretty tight and rolls right along, and despite the book's short length, there's no shortage on the romance, sex, and personal sacrifice the characters have to make. There's tragedy in this book, and that's an impressive punch for 219 pages. The story wraps up well, though I couldn't help but wonder if Walker might write a sequel, because the epilogue implies possible future adventures, and I'd enjoy seeing these characters again.

Go here to read the full review.

As many of my readers and friends know this novel is very close to my heart and I consider it my strongest publication to date. This thoughtful review was very encouraging for my erotic fantasy romance ambitions -- please check the review out if you are a reader of my contemporary erotic romance and are considering trying the book.

I would also say that if you want to read the book, please buy soon! It is unlikely to be on shelves in brick and mortar stores any more, but print copies are still available through Amazon.com, Amazon UK, and other online sellers. It is also available as an ebook through Fictionwise.

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