Monday, March 03, 2008

New reviews, and some thoughts on kink

Exciting stuff - my work has received a bunch of new reviews these past few days, all feedback which is both helpful and uplifting for me to read! I'll post the erotica comments today, fantasy tomorrow. :)

First up, a new review for ALONG FOR THE RIDE.

Along for the Ride is a titillating roller coaster ride of lust. The heat between Georgie and Cal is enough to start a fire, add in Jason and it becomes combustible. Not the run of the mill erotic romance, there is plenty of shocking naughtiness in this story and it will keep the reader fanning themselves throughout. The sex scenes are amazingly hot with a ton of spice. I enjoyed reading the story; it kept me wondering what was coming next. I was pleasantly surprised with the new and inventive ways the story took sexual twists. Ms. Walker has done a very nice job and I look forward to reading more by her. Dawnie, 4 angels from Fallen Angel reviews

Great stuff. Thanks, Dawnie! And these two comments about my short story, "Sign Your Name," which appears in Alison Tyler's K IS FOR KINKY, had me smiling and motivated today:

The problem of navigating myriad roads to sexual excitement is solved by Alison Tyler’s little compendiums of naughty goodness. She has compiled a series of items of delicious filth, bound them loosely into themes and delivered them as an Erotic Alphabet for your delight, delectation and fumbling....The richness of fantasy might even encourage you abandon your battery-operated friend in order to orchestrate a brand new real life experience with your loved one. I find myself persuaded to purchase a pair of white pants and a thick tipped biro – not sure? Try searching out “Sign Your Name” by Saskia Walker in K is for Kinky and you might find yourself doing the same. Corylus, for Blogcritics

Saskia Walker’s "Sign Your Name" starts the anthology with a comparatively mild deviance. Not that there is anything mild about the sizzling hot sex scenes in this raunchy tale of pens and penetration. "Sign Your Name" contains Saskia Walker’s signature style of writing intelligent, fun fiction. With her usual panache she produces the most powerful and passionate eroticism. Ashley Lister, for the Erotica Readers and Writers Association

Wooohoo! Many thanks to Ashley and Corylus.

I particularly appreciate that Ashley accepts the pen/ink/skin deviance as mild, but as kink, nonetheless. Sasha White and I were bewildered by a couple of comments we received for our 2007 KINK anthology , which showed the reader translated KINK exclusively for BDSM. Kink by definition refers to any unusual sexual practice (and this is shown so well through the variety in Alison Tyler's collection.) Therefore it includes BDSM but doesn’t exclude other kinky sex, such as wanting sex in public places or getting off on being written on. I see this correlation from time to time, where something isn’t considered kinky unless it's hardcore BDSM. Is the colloquial definition of kink narrowing, I wonder, in the same way that "menage" is now commonly accepted in place of "ménage a trois." I'm fascinated by etymology, in case you hadn't guessed ;-)

KINK Slang.
a. bizarre or unconventional sexual preferences or behavior.
b. a person characterized by such preferences or behavior.

Speaking of words - I better get back to them! My schedule for March is heavy.


Scarlett Sanderson said...

Many congratulations, Saskia! Wonderful reviews.

Good luck with the writing *grins*

Saskia Walker said...

Thanks, Scarlett! Good luck to you, too. Show Sven what you can do! ;-)