Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Where am I?

The last week has been crazy here, to say the least. I don’t tend to rant or whine on my blog, because I don’t tend to rant or whine in real life. However…. :-) Just to explain why I have been quiet in blogland…I'll explain :-)

My copy edited MS for RECKLESS was lost in transit, for over a week, courtesy of the guaranteed door-to-door delivery service by a provider who shall remain nameless (but begins in F and ends in X.) After many stressful hours on the phone and my editor chasing in NY, and having to stay in all week, including Friday night (Friday night is date night here,) for no reason, the package finally turned up almost a week later on Saturday afternoon, having been delivered to a house 3 streets away.

And… it had been opened…

The authors who visit here will be able to guess how stressful this was for me. Short turnaround needed, one copy only, missing copyrighted but not-yet published document.. The implications were endless, and I had sleepless nights and fraught days. (This coincided with the week I’m trying to sort out flight bookings and insurance as well, my head was reeling.) It’s now behind me, although we’re obviously still in dispute with them. As I said to my editor, the delivery man should be writing fiction for a living, because he was way better at making up /changing stories than he was at delivering parcels.

Okay rantette over. :-) Normal service will be resumed shortly! Meanwhile, here’s a cute kittie.

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