Thursday, January 31, 2008

New sale, and lots of other good stuff going on here!

It’s been a bit of a crazy week, (in a good way,) with lots of great things happening here at home on shady lane! Work on Lillie’s story is coming along nicely, with two chapters complete. I have to shelve it now to work on something else, but I’m at a good point in the story to do so.

Preparations for the RWA adventure have been moving along, with Madelynne joining Wendy and I for the expedition – yay!!! We'll make a terrific (if giddy) trio of travellers. As of today we also have our flights booked, so it’s more or less all done and dusted and we can try to put it out of mind for a few months and get some work done... (notice I said “try” ;-)

Exciting news came in midweek. First up, my lovely agent heard from an Italian publisher who is interested in buying translation rights for DOUBLE DARE. I was absolutely delighted about the news. It might not come to anything, but it would be fabulous if it did! I have my fingers crossed.

Closely following on from that, my agent secured a new sale! Woohoo!! Harlequin Spice has commissioned a trio of linked stories for their ebriefs line. I’m thrilled to bits! The stories are about 3 workaholic brothers who each come into contact with a wild-woman-out-of-control, over the space of 3 seasons. Not sure what they’ll be called yet, but the proposal was offered under the overall title LOVING ON THE EDGE. I hope to have more news on that soon.

And we know what new sales means around here. Yup. Paaaarrrteeeeeeee! :-D