Sunday, November 04, 2007

Interesting new review for UNVEILING THE SORCERESS

This new review for UNVEILING THE SORCERESS comes from Breeni Books/Front Street Reviews, and had a lovely, hopeful message for me:

Unveiling the Sorceress is Saskia Walker's second fantasy romance for Juno Books. It follows a similar pattern as The Strangeling, her first fantasy romance, narrating a young woman's discovery of unrecognized power through love. Once again, a strong female lead takes control of her destiny while a wise male counterpart nudges her along. While The Strangeling followed the self actualization of a peasant, Unveiling the Sorceress chronicles the trials of the privileged.

The only complaint I had for The Strangeling was the romance overshadowed the fantasy storyline, which was not surprising since Walker was first an author of erotic fiction. However, Unveiling the Sorceress takes advantage of Walker's talent for imagery and allows the romance to complement the storyline rather than commandeering it. The novel is a shining example of Walker's creativity and talent, and draws on the reader to participate emotionally during periods of loss and melancholy. It is evident that Saskia Walker has the ability to branch out and master many facets of literature. READ FULL REVIEW...

Encouraging! Made me smile, and urged me along this writer's path of mine :-)

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