Saturday, November 03, 2007

A good week!

It’s been a good and mostly productive week here. I lost nearly a whole day sorting a punctured tyre, but when I got back to work I sent my completed novella, SWEET-TALKING THE OPPOSITION, off to the editor who requested it. Fingers crossed she enjoys! Then I moved straight into revisions. I’m taking them nice and slow, and along the way I had a couple of ideas for short stories, so I made some notes and hope to work on those next.

Friday was the high point of the week, meeting up with my local buddy Wendy (THE Portia Da Costa ;) I always feel humbled to be pals with such a prolific and widely known author, and when we get together we have such a giggle together that I feel doubly blessed to be able to have a local author pal who I get on with so easily. It really levels my head about some of the stresses we face. We pretty much set the publishing worlds to rights :) and we even chatted about being at an RWA conference and how we’d cope -- which resulted in much wild speculation and manic laughter.

The weather here in Yorkshire has been autumn-like, with bright sunny days and blue skies even though it’s been cold. I’ve been watching the vine outside my kitchen window change from green to gold. I love this time of year. The week before was much more wintery so I thought we’d missed out on autumn, but we’ve had a wonderful reprieve. The only downside is people are talking about Christmas already. Argh!

Anyway, this is a short post because I must squeeze in some work before this evening, when we’re off partying. If you’re a writer and you’re doing the Sweating with Sven challenge (or Nano) I hope that you're steaming ahead and meeting your goals. The busy typist piccie is for inspiration! :)

Have a great weekend!


Portia Da Costa said...

Our meetups are a hugh highlight in my otherwise boring schedule, chum! I would go nuts in this mad writing life if I didn't have these chances to get together and share experiences, and thoughts and a whole lot of laffs with you!

And I just keep getting this vision of us two trudging through an airport somewhere looking like two hobos on tour with our faces slathered with moisturiser! LOL

Saskia Walker said...

You are very much appreciated, m'dear! And I hope your vision of us also includes conditioning hair packs and comfy kecks .. ;-))