Sunday, April 15, 2007

Virtual book tour

I received my SHE’S ON TOP copies yesterday (I’ll be giving a copy away in my next newsletter,) and can’t wait to get stuck in and read the whole book. Rachel Kramer Bussel, the editor for this collection and its partner book, HES ON TOP, is running a virtual book tour for the two books. We’re about half way through now and it’s a lot of fun. On alternate days, one of the books is blogged about, either comments or an excerpt. To check it out, click on the image below.

It’s exciting to see my story “The Inner Vixen” mentioned by readers, especially because I really like the way that story turned out. It was based on something that happened to me (the whole mid section in the gig venue, I just didn’t end up with the guy ;) and when I got the call from Rachel I thought that experience might be a good starting point for a she-dom story.

Working with Rachel is always exciting. She comes up with great themes and wants writers to push beyond the obvious. With HE'S ON TOP and SHE'S ON TOP she wanted writers to really get inside the head of the dominant, to explore what made the character tick and how they felt about their sub. That was challenging and exciting, and whilst I knew my experience with “Daniel” had potential, it was unnerving writing something that was based so wholly on my own experience. Normally I draw on my experiences here and there for my short stories, weaving in images, people, places, dreams, openings and endings, but not so much as this one. Anyway, there’s a bit of trivia for anyone who has read it!

It was a totally gorgeous day here in the north of England. Hope it was good where you are.


Caffey said...

Cool Saskia!! This is an anthology right? Thats how I got to learn of many new authors that I haven't read before through these anthologies. It was a way for me to see what I wanted to check into more after with single titles (Problem tho is often the whole anthology is great, that i'm checking up for a whole bunch more authors!) And too, with these erotica stories, I really enjoy having an anthology on my bedside table to pick up and read a story or two a night. I shal go check out the blog about this one! I too want to read The Inner Vixen. I'm curious too how this title fits in with this story. I'll be checking the other anthology out too! I'm in New York and we are in the middle of a storm right now, so I'm in with staying warm with my reads!

Saskia Walker said...

Yes, SHE'S ON TOP and it's partner book HE'S ON TOP are both collections of short stories. Lots of steamy reads to dip into! Keep warm ;)