Sunday, April 15, 2007

What I'm reading right now

Cecilia Tan's Live journal documenting her tour of Asia. Cecilia (a writer/editor/publisher who I've been lucky to work with) is traveling with her family, cruising from place to place in the far east with the most fascinating stop-offs. This method of visiting multiple destinations on one trip really appeals to me, simply because I can't walk far since my disability got worse, so I can't travel as much as I did. It would be a good option. One day. Maybe. Meanwhile, I'm devouring Cecilia's posts and recommend them!


Caffey said...

Saskia, I didn't know you worked with her. I've enjoyed some anthologies she edited, especially the erotic vampire ones from, I think, Blue Moon. Right now i'm back and forth with making a wishlist while visiting here, LOL

Saskia Walker said...

Hi Cathie!
Cecilia edited and published an early short story of mine in a Circlet Press anthology called SEXTOPIA. It was only my third sale, and I was so honoured. Like you, I'd loved the anthos she's edited and published, with that blend of sf/f and sexuality. Yum :)

Cecilia said...

Hey Saskia! So glad you enjoyed my travelogue of the cruise to Asia. Trip of a lifetime. I haven't been editing as many anthologies lately, but I will be doing probably one or two more for Thunder's Mouth/Carrol & Graf this year, so we should stay in touch. I'm terrible about that, I know. Rolodex a mess, email a mess.

Cruising is expensive but fun, and there were a lot of people with mobility issues on our ship. The Holland America Line is known, I've found out, for especially catering to older folks, retirees, etc. (as opposed to Carnival, which goes for the young 'party' cruise crowd) so there were always tours with limited amounts of walking, and then even the ones where there was a fair bit of walking, there was always a gaggle of slower folks who stuck together and didn't get lost. :)

Now if only I could get over my jet lag and the cold I got while there.